2020 Winter February 15 Saturday

40 degrees this morning, 73% humidity Wind 19 mph, “feels like 31 degrees”

Yesterday was another cold day, although later in the day it warmed up to 47 degrees.

Nice Valentine’s Day!  Our Valentine’s Day was low-key, but nice.  

February, the 2nd month of 2020 is now already over half over! 

Start of a three day weekend, especially nice since it is the last 3 day weekend until Memorial Day!

I know that Summer is on its way when stock car racing and Formula 1 races are starting.  I really look forward to Formula 1 racing for some reason.  I think it is enjoyable because they are relatively short races, although I watch the “practice” and “qualifying” sessions of Formula 1, but not stock car racing.  

I really wonder how they set up the races in each of the countries, probably money!   Anyway, they are amazing to watch race, but they should when each car costs 15 million dollars!  I assume that includes development costs , etc.

Anyway, now that the races are starting, I know Summer can’t be far behind.  

Major League Baseball “spring training” actually starts in one week, which really means Summer is coming!

Of course, the first few months of the season (until mid-May even where we live), it can be cold at the games.  Sometimes too cold to sit and watch them. 

Of course, Summer also means bugs, snakes, mowing the yard, tornados, and similar summer type items or events!

I am anxiously awaiting the first “Crocus”.  If it is yellow, I call it a Crocus.  I always watch for it, since it means spring isn’t far behind with it’s abundance of flowers, green grass and leafy trees! 

I still marvel at the camera on the iPhone 11 Max Pro (or something like that).  The telephoto is amazing.  As I have mentioned before, I don’t even carry my “regular” camera anymore.  

I still haven’t purchased a replacement office chair yet.  I am thinking of buying it locally so I can take it back if I don’t like it, I just haven’t decided yet.  

I have decided that I am going to buy the printer somewhere that repairs/maintains printers locally.  Although the store could always go out of business, at last as long as it is in business, I know I can get it repaired or maintained. 

For some reason, except for the one printer, printers have always been a problem.  Maybe I will be lucky again this time! 

That’s I for now, Saturday, February 15, 2020.

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