2020 Winter February 16 Sunday

35 degrees this morning, 93% humidity,

Stationary bike exercise. 30 minutes

Sounds warm yesterday (40-60 degrees), but it really was a miserable  day with the cold wind.  Made it see a lot colder than it really was.  

Sunday of a three day weekend.  It feels good to get up on a Sunday morning and realize you have another day off, kind of a “bonus day”!  

Getting more serious about a printer and an office chair. Came close to buying a printer yesterday,  but not quite  Trying to get some information  on the different makes I am considering, but apparently the person who knew about it wasn’t there.  

I needed time to read the “reviews” on models of printer I was interested in.  I always try to read the “one star” reviews first, just to cool my enthusiasm some!  

I have found there is always one-star reviews! At the least, they normally point out possible problems, if a number of reviews point out then sales problem.  There are normally more “one star” ratings than there are 2, 3 or 4 ‘start” reviews.

Then I read the positive reviews and note the general review.  If it isn’ at least a 4+ I don’t consider the product anymore.  Usually I like a 4.5+.  

As I noted before, I want to buy them locally so I can take them back or whatever.  They don’t repair them as such, but will set them up.  

The first time it seemed like the sale person had some knowledge.  We went back to actually buy it or get some more questions answered, but the person there at the time obviously didn’t know anything about it, so I’ll wait until later until I get my questions answered.  

Sometimes I can see why “retail” stores like Office Depot (in this case) are going out of business.  

So far so good on the coughing,  I am gradually introducing exercise back.  The other day I walked a good distance for work (in cold weather) without any obvious negative effects.  Of course, I need to see what happens when I start doing it every day.

I was incorrect about Formula 1 racing, the tv listing was wrong.  Actually it is “formula E” racing, which is kind of like the minor leagues of Formula 1.

I’ll have to get more information, but apparently there is a lot more technical advances tests in the race and make it much responsive to the driver, in that the feedback to the driver is a lot higher than normal races.

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 16, 2020.

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