2020 Winter February 17 Monday

54 degrees this morning  93% humidity

Yesterday was a reasonably good day, high of 59 degrees, however, colder than the forecast and just seemed cold all day.

Today is a holiday for me, always nice to have a holiday, especially when the weather promises to be reasonably good! 

Stationary bicycle for 30 minutes.  

Making a special effort to starting to get back into exercise, starting with weight lifting and  stationary bicycle.  Will start outside any day that it is warm and then gradually start exercising outside in cold weather.

If I find I can’t adjust to cold weather, I’ll just adjust my exercise to deal with it.

Thinking of how to weed out items I don’t need or use anymore in an attempt to reduce the number of items we have.  A little easier said than done.  

It never seems to happen that once you get rid of something you need it.  I had some coats I had for literally 25 years and I realized I hadn’t worn them for probably 20 years.  So I gave them away and then this winter I looked for them to wear and realized I had given them away!  

I have plenty of coats, so I hope whomever ended up with them it is keeping them warm.  It was funny that I was specifically looking for those coats this winter after they just set there for 20 years or so!

That isn’t to be confused for clothes that you keep since you “will wear after you lose weight”.  I have actually been able to wear clothes “I was keeping for when I lost weight” and it feels very good to be able to wear them comfortably!  Unfortunately that hasn’t happened for a while.

Disgusted that NASCAR let the lying coward lunatic made their car race a political event.  I will delete the copy of the race and cancel any upcoming races.  Frankly they were getting boring anyway.  

The races are just too long.  When I did “watch” them I always am doing something else, reading, working on my computer , etc.  

I don’t understand why the lying coward lunatic can take a government airplane that costs thousands of dollars an hour to operate on purely political trips where he raises funds for his “campaign of destruction”.  

Add that to the $200 million he has spent on his golf trips (probably more) and he never does any work, which of course is good since hopefully he won’t be able to destroy quite as much, 

Considering he sits around in the morning and eats junk food and watches tv and sends out 100 junk “tweets” a day and spends a 1/3 of the year at his “resorts” playing golf and ripping of tax dollars overcharging for his security and his toadies, we are lucky he doesn’t spend time on actual work.

That’s it or now, Monday, February 17, 2020


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