2020 Winter February 18 Tuesday

 43 degrees this morning, 62% humidity.

Good day yesterday, high only got to 62 degrees, but without any wind, it was a relatively good day for winter.  

Stationary bike this morning 

Good 3 day weekend, variety of activities.  

Almost decided on a printer,  but the printer I decided on was out of stock, so I will wait until the sale is almost over on my second choice and buy that.

One quandary is the same printer is the same price on Amazon,  I would still buy it at the local Office Depot, except that the local store only offers a 2 year extended warranty while Amazon offers a 4 year warranty for a cost significantly lower then the 2 year warranty at Office Depot.  

They also offer a slightly (actually relatively significant) less cost of installation.  

I would probably still buy local, except that I really want the 4 year extended warranty.  Both warranty’s are with the same company (Square) which I have found to be  good warranty 

In fact the horrible Canon printer I have now, I got over 3 years ago, and Square paid the entire purchase price when they couldn’t fix it.  

I looked at office chairs some, but one thing at a time.  

Unfortunately I left my iPad and iPods at the Fittness Center this morning.  I really thought someone would turn them in, but not yet.  

Fortunately, iPad was over 6 1/2 years old and the iPods were “original,” over 3 years old.  However, they both worked for what I needed, so it hurts.  

I’m not ready to buy another iPad now, I am waiting for the new ones to come out which are supposed to have an upgraded camera and possibly 5G connection.  

The iPad I may have lost or had stolen was an iPad Air.I do have an iPad mini (also 6 12 years old) which will work almost as well and still has an excellent battery. 

I do have everything set up to contact me if the stolen iPad is turned on and then I can either track it or erase all the contents. 

Of course, the situation in China could cause a shortage  of products  and delays in new products.  

I will probably buy some new iPods (I was actually thinking about it anyway, although my current iPods are in good shape.)

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

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