2020 Winter February 20 Thursday

39 Degrees this morning, 69% humidity 

Yesterday was a nice day, again a little cool, but very nice.  Fortunately I had a field day, so I was able to enjoy the day, except the day was so hectic.

2-20-20 or 2-20-2020.  A very unusual date, I think we need to celebrate dates like this. Actually there will be a number of Palindrome dates in the future (1-21-21 12-21-21 12-22-21 , etc.) 

Really felt good to have my iPad and AirPods returned, unharmed. Generally, it will do anything I need to do.  Of course, I can’t use it for some things (pencil etc) since it is over six years old.  

I use the AirPods a lot at work and for personal phone calls, They work great and I would really have missed them.  I had to replace them I would want the AirPod Pro and they are really on back order. 

I am seeing some small signs of spring.  Unfortunately, it is the crass growing up in the cracks of our sidewalks! Not quite what I was looking for in “Spring”!  

I am especially waiting for the first Crocus and then the trees (usually the Bartlett Pear trees), which manage to get frozen by blooming too fast.  

Watching the Democratic debate, I wonder how they have the mental, physical and psychological capacity to handle it (or any national politicianI).  I guess that is why they are up there and most people aren’t.

Years ago, I noticed how some very popular politicians  (in this case state politicians) are “always on” and frequently remember faces so well they can call you by name a year later after one meeting.

I’ve wondered if people are born with that or develop it.  Of course, some politicians don’t have it, but most do.  I think the “single purpose” politicians that started in the 90’s lead to some of the really horrible policies (and government officials) we have now.

Still haven’t started coughing again  I am soon going to start swimming again and walking outside. Well do it gradually and monitor my coughing  Frankly, if I have to change my exercise habits to avoid coughing, I will do it.  

One feature my Apple phone has that I really like is the “don’t disturb, I’m driving”.  So far I only use it on my work phone, since regulations strongly advise that we can’t talk on the phone while driving.  

It does have an override for urgent calls, although I haven’t seen how it works yet.  

One product I am looking forward to from Apple are the “tags” that you can attach to any item you don’t want to lose and then can find them with your phone.  I will be interested in how they work.  Supposedly they will have batteries that can be easily replaced, which is good.  

I hadn’t really used the “Find My” app much until I lost my iPad and it is amazing how well the App works.

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 20, 2020. 

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