2020 Winter February 21 Friday

20 degrees this morning,  81% humidity.  

Yesterday was cold, didn’t get that warm and the wind was blowing.   Thank goodness I had an office day!  Of course, tomorrow will be worse, and I have a field day, but that’s the way the job is.

Weights this morning (sit ups, dumbbells, bench press).   

Weather is currently 20 degrees, it was forecast 24 degrees , but is forecast to warm up to 47 or so. 

I am waiting for Winter to end, very tired of the cold weather.

We are developing a short trip to “warm weather” as a cold weather break to help us make it to the start of warm weather in mid-May.  As usual, I am making an intensive of our plans, trying hard not to plan every second!

Spring Major League Baseball is starting tomorrow (Saturday, February 22), which at least means Spring and Summer are on the horizon so to speak.  

Watched a “police chase” last night on tv with a guilty pleasure.  I definitely don’t want to see anything bad happen, but it still is fascinating.  Unfortunately the tape ran out before the live chase ended!   We heard later it ended safety, so to speak).  

While I really like technology such as spell check, etc., I really wonder if it ]will eventually create problems with spelling by automatically correcting our spelling.  

I find myself making errors in spelling and then not bothering to correct them because I know (or hope) spell check would correct. One of the best features of Siri is that I can ask it to spell a word and it usually zips it out, with pronunciation.  I certainly have to admit I don’t miss looking words up in the dictionary!  

Technology has done so much for productivity.  I don’t miss having to correct and retype my letters , etc., at all!   I can remember when the first electronic calculator came out (and cost about $400) and people who made a lot of calculations gladly purchased it  because it made economic sense for them!  

Of course, probably starting 20 years ago you could get one just as advanced free as an advertising gimmick.

Probably a breakthrough for me was when laptops first came out and were usually obsolete in 6 months or a year because of advances in technology!  At a conference, a speaker said that if you spent $750 for a laptop (this was years ago, probably in the late 90’s early 00”), and it was obsolete in six months, if you got $750 or more in value by the technology, so what?  

I realized he was absolutely right.  If the technology will improve your productivity, or even be worth it by eliminating  repetitive tasks, so what, it is worth it!

This was actually a real breakthrough in my thinking, one of the many watersheds of thinking in my life!  A time when change is good!

That’s it for now, Friday, February 21, 2020.  

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