2020 Winter February 22 Saturday

2020 Winter February 22 Saturday

 36 degrees this morning, 51% humidity Wind 13 mph, “feels like 28 degrees”

Yesterday was another cold day, although later in the day it warmed up to 41  degrees.

Today is the Neighborhood Alliance meeting of the city we lie in.  It is always interesting, if predictable. An excellent idea and there is a lot of information provided  . 

I do wish the local Neighborhood Alliance was more  active, but then I’m not doing any or work ether!

Was sent some information and a video on Telsa autos which was truly amazing regarding the future (and somewhat the present. I doubt that I will ever get a Telsa (maybe I can rent one once), but it is fascinating what they can do.

Perhaps somewhat more important is the emphasis by Telsa on battery development

I am a strong supporter of battery development, as I have noted before.   I think Telsa is having to develop better batteries for its  vehicles.   Range is such a factor in electric cars and a larger battery capacity could be a huge factor in other areas. 

I think the end result will be better for all, with the development of batteries for wider uses.  Hopefully it will eventually lead to batteries that power houses , etc., to avoid our dependence on electric grids.

The braying lying coward lunatic has really gone insane, apparently intent on destroying the justice department and our intelligence departments so the Russians can walk in and take over, or at least help him steal the election again.  

The lying coward lunatic is insane as is the conspiracy theory moron who is there “temporary” but is intent on destroying the intelligence agency in 10 days.

 It is time for the cowering cowards in the Senate to step in and stop this insane lunatic.

It is really scary to see this bunch of fools running the government into the ground while stealing all the tax $ they can all so the lying coward lunatic can have 4 more years to preen and act the fool and steal tax $ for his bankrupt companies and to play golf on tax $.  

I really thought I would never see the time when a juvenile insane idiot runs amok lying, stealing, attacking people with lies and sadistic gross lies and have a bunch of cowering spineless cowards in the Senate letting him destroy the country.  

We are in the process of learning more about computers as we try to organize our photos, both so they are organized, but also to allow others to access some of the pictures they may be interested in.

What is good about a project like this is that I learn a lot in the process.  Somewhat like the research on batteries eventually benefitting a lot more than just electric vehicles. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 22, 2020.   

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