2020 Winter February 24 Sunday

48 degrees this morning 71% humidity, high chances of rain today.  

Yesterday was relatively nice, wind was up which made it cooler than the temperature indicated.  

Attended the Neighborhood Alliance meeting yesterday morning.  It was interesting, reminded me I need to keep up with local activities more.  

I really know now why residents have a hard time being involved in local government, as important as it is.  Life just gets in the way.  

I don’t follow events near as close as I should, hopefully I will start.  It would be interesting to see a study down as to “who has the power” in this city, what group or groups really run things.  Maybe it isn’t the case, but I doubt it.  

Maybe I can do it!  It would certainly be interesting, but I doubt I’m qualified to do it  Actually, a start would be to review how one major decision was made. 

Sunday morning already, time goes so fast.  It goes fast during the week and on weekends.  

It seems like just a day or so ago I was commenting that January was already half over and now February is almost over!  Just one more week. 

I finally ordered a printer after much study, review and gnashing of teeth, since printers never seemed  to work for me.

I don’t really care for inkjet printers, but it didn’t make any economic sense to buy a laser printer and spend $200 for cartridges every few months.  

I ordered an Epson with the “2 year ink”.  I figured I’ll probably save enough money in a year to pay for the printer and I have found inkjet aren’t that bad.  

I get a Newsletter I like to read.  I certainly don’t agree with everything he says, but it is interesting.  In fact on some of his opinions, I wonder how someone that smart can be so stupid.

He was discussing the virus and said a “The only thing we know about China government is a government and government lies” 

Not the most optimistic of persons!  Of course he is he one that says there I a 99% chance of a cyberattack, and I expect he is already right, we just haven’t heard about it.

The big work juggled around yesterday morning was how city government is becoming “transparent”.   I really think they mean well, but “transparent to whom” is the question no one asked.  

At leas they are talking about it.

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 23, 2020.

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