2020 Winter February 24 Monday

50 degrees this morning  87% humidity, feels like 44, wind 14 mph

Yesterday was a reasonably good day, rainy, but reasonably warm, high of 53 degrees.  

Weights (sit-ups, barbells, bench press)

Stationary bike

Went to a “rally” for Amy Klobuchar.  Enjoyed it.  We were about 10 feet from her when she came out and I recognized her smile right away.  Reasonably good crowd, we got there early and got chairs.

She had been in Minnesota, Arkansas  and here today, which is a lot of travel, even by jet!  

Iy takes a  special type of person to be a politician.

I ordered a printer Saturday  and purchased an office chair yesterday.  They are putting it together and I will pick it up today or Tuesday.  

My office chair was really getting bad since the surface of it was flaking off.  As I mentioned, even our pest-control person told me I needed a new office chair! 

We hear a lot about “minimalism,” getting rid of “stuff” and not accumulating so much.  

A Newsletter I get focuses on “trends” and one story highlighted that we are actual using fewer resources since we are purchasing less “stuff”.

I remember reading about Steve Job  and how he lived in an apartment with almost nothing in, and a number of books have been written about living without a lot of “stuff” or getting rid of unused items.  

I also have read articles about older people don’t know what to do with “heirlooms,” furniture , etc., because there kids aren’t interested in it and in many cases you can’t give it away. 

Many people are having “downsizing” parties where people come and just take what they want because they can’t get rid of it and they would like to have people who will use it rather than just throw it away, or sellout to a dealer , etc.  

I am worried about how to get rid of an old office chair and printer that doesn’t work also.  

The Newsletter letter mentioned that “stuff” peaked about 2000 and has been on he reduction since.

Of course technology has a lot to do with that “e-books” , etc.  The Newsletter mentions  the “smartphone”  has more capacity than 200+ pounds of hardware and media that just 30 years ago

That’s it for now, Monday, February 24, 2020.

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