2020 Winter February 25 Tuesday

 41 degrees this morning, 90% humidity.

Yesterday light rain most of day.  Generally a miserable day, high 40’s most of day.

Talking about “minimalism,” I picked up my office chair.  It is nice, but now I have an office chair to get rid of!  As soon as I get my new printer, I will have a printer to get rid of!  

Of course I didn’t have much choice but to buy an office chair and printer, but it still doesn’t make it easy to dispose of the old ones.  I think they are still good enough to donate to a charity we give things too.  

One thing I miss about the last city we used to live in is that they would pick up anything once a month!  

Thinking some more about “minimalism,” probably “e-books” and “e-Magazines” do a lot to eliminate “stuff”.  

In a way, it is rather sad but the Library here has an annual book sale.  It used to be packed with people buying books, but I haven’t gone for several years, since the last thing I need is more clutter. 

From pictures I saw, I think a lot of other people feel the same way I do, the crowds seem very sparse.  

The Library Book Sales was always really fun, and had a huge crowd and it was a sense of expectation.  There was the expectation of finding something you wanted, or something you didn’t know you wanted.  

Now, I would just have a sense of dread at more clutter and something else to get rid of.  

I mostly use the library for physical books and order e-books if I can’t find it at the library, or just don’t  read books as much. 

Obviously on-line magazines and newspapers are a huge savings of clutter.  I get maybe two magazines now and the rest I read on-line.  

I still get two newspapers (the local one, the Wall Street Journal, and the Sunday New York Times).  I enjoy reading physical newspapers, but I basically read the local one electronically now and just throw the physical one into recycling.  The Sunday New York Times will be very hard to give up, since reading it on-line will never be the same!

I really don’t read magazines and newspapers on line near as through as I do a physical newspaper.  

Of course e-mail is a major savings of clutter, although  junk e-mails waste a lot of time.  I don’t even bother deleting them anymore, takes too much time to even delete them.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

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