2020 Winter February 26 Wednesday

 33 degrees this morning, feels like 23 degrees, 81% humidity, 

Yesterday, looked nice, but was cold.  

I had an Office day yesterday which was nice.

Speaking of “minimalism” a bit more, probably one of the best actions I can take is to cancel the newspapers and just read them on-line.  Since they don’t get here in time to read, it shouldn’t be a problem to cancel them.

Just difficult to pull the trigger on a lifelong habit.  There have been times I enjoyed my early morning newspaper habit so much, I think I think it will eventually start getting here on time, but I have a feeling those days are over.  

While we support recycling, sometimes I wonder how much of the items are really recycled.  We go to  lot of effort to recycle and it is important that the items be recycled if possible.  

I can’t blame the company picking up the recycling, the markets just aren’t there and in many cases the recycling capacity is just not there.  

Somehow, the markets need to be developed for recycled materials.  I have no idea how to do so, hopefully someone will be able to do so. 

Typical, that there is a major virus a possible pandemic, and the squealing lying coward lunatic is traveling at taxpayer expense on a “rally”  and all he is worried about is how big a crowd he draws, in India yet.  

At least none of them will vote  for the chronic liar and criminal!  

Of course the “supporters” of the squealing lying coward lunatic are saying the news medial is “overhyping” the virus to make him look bad.  Considering  th squealing lying coward lunatic and his ignorant actions, crude behavior and inability to take any criticism, it is difficult to make him look “worse”.  

The state government here is a classic example of why the people who say “government should be run like a business” are wrong. 

Almost like the lying coward lunatic, they are appointing people who have no idea what they are doing, it is just that they are buddies, or somehow are seen as loyal to the governor, no matter how unqualified they may be.

Meanwhile, they are running off a lot of people with substantial experience and they are losing the institutional memory of how to get things done.   

Government is the “provider of last resort,” doing things that aren’t measured since they are available to all citizens and things that private enterprise just can’t provide.  

That difference in itself is a major reason  that it is simply not true that “government should be run like a business”. 

Worst yet, 60 people are losing their jobs who provide a great service due to these ignorant bean counters who don’t understand what providing government service is all about.  By the time the “contractor” screws these up, it will cost a lot more money to put together a decent service again. Disgusting.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

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