2020 Winter February 28 Thursday

 26 Degrees this morning,  feels like 19 degrees, 72% humidity 

Yesterday was a kind of nasty cold, it seemed to bite right through you.  A day that makes you think of Summer coming!

I am glad to think that “Spring” is less than a month away, or at least by the calendar.  “Spring” frequently just means the bitter cold (or what call bitter cold) is gone, but cold weather continues, especially at night. 

I know it is difficult to trust that it will be warm enough to watch a baseball game until about mid-May.  

One of our cars required a “timing belt”. Actually I should say it was “recommended,” but it is difficult to not take a “recommendation” that could leave you on the side of the road with a ruined engine! 

It cost about 9 times what I remember it costing 45 years ago!  I was actually surprised it wasn’t more.   The car as low mileage for its age, so I wasn’t sure if I should believe him or not, but they said the belts normally should be replaced every 7 years.  

What is strange is that just a few days ago, we had discussed the cost of a timing belt and when our cars would require one!

Still a lot better than a monthly car payment, and we haven’t had to do anything else to it.  We went ahead and had it done, since reliability means a lot.  

It is  kind like a Doctor sending you for a medical test, and you do it,  even though you are almost sure it will be negative.  There is always a small chance it will turn out positive!

They lying coward lunatic was squealing his lies and blame tonight, trying to avoid responsibility for incompetence and irresponsible behavior.    This lunatic is an embarrassment  and real danger to America.  

As I have mentioned before, what is really bad is the enabling cowering cowards who kiss his shoes and only praise him, too gutless to tell him the truth, that he  is a pathetic embarrassment and is destroying American.

Watched a tape a news conference by this pathetic loser, the lies and failure to accept blame for his actions of this racist  ignorant crook is amazing.  I really can’t stand to listen to his squealing lies and blaming on everyone but himself. 

All he wants to be is be re-elected and he doesn’t care what lies he needs to tell to attempt to be re-elected.  

New printer is going to be installed tomorrow, hopefully it is much better them the Canon printer, which has always been a problem.  I am looking forward to having a reliable printer, although somehow I almost never have a reliable printer.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 28, 2020

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