2020 Winter February 29 Saturday

 38 degrees this morning, 69% humidity

Yesterday was a wonderful day, after a cold start. High approximately 67 degrees, (start of day was 32 degrees), sunny, little wind.  

Supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend, but it is now 38 degrees and the weather app says 72 degrees high.  I’ll take it!  72 degrees is a lot better than 42 , etc. 

I have to take back something I said about the Library Book Sale.  I saw some other photos which showed an excellent crowd, plus they generated more money this year!   Even though I didn’t go, I am really glad to see it was a success. 

I love books and am glad to see people are still buying them!  I find it very hard to toss a book or even give it away.  We normally donate our books to the Library, figuring someone will buy and read them.  I don’t feel quite as bad about weeding them out when I figure someone else will read the books!

Probably better than letting the books sit for years on my bookshelves, or worse yet in a box!

While over 3 moves, we have substantially “weeded” our books, we still have a lot of books.   Of course, the more you weed, the harder it is to weed, since you keep the books you really like.  

If I just kept the books I read, I wouldn’t have many books.  If I kept the books I think I might like to read or reread, I would have a lot!

Some advice I got several years ago (pointing out I could always buy a book that I wanted to read or reread helped a lot!   It made it a lot easier to dispose of my books knowing that I could order them (or get them at the library)!

Our local library (it is an excellent County system) is closed for renovations and we have quit using the library for the duration.  There are plenty of other libraries that I go by all the time, and there is a temporary library, but I had several late returns (very minor late fees), but I still don’t like it)!, so I just decided not to mess with it.  

The same person who reminded I could always buy or borrow a book mentioned about taking pictures of T-shirts, hats , etc.  Excellent idea, I just haven’t figured how to stage the pictures yet!

I actually wear very few of the t-shirts and hats, I just keep them to remind me of where I have been or done , etc. It makes sense to take pictures of them,  I’ll figure out the staging.  

So far, we haven’t had any storage pressure that I have to get rid of my hats and t-shirts (and books), but I’m sure the time will come.

I do plan on making a “t-shirt/hat” quilt with may have them, with a theme based on where we lived, and maybe on our travels.  

February 29, the once every 4 Year’s Day!  (Spell check insisted that “Year’s Day” should be capitalized, so I decided, what the heck, capitalize them!)

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 29, 2020. 

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