2020 Winter March 1 Sunday

57 degrees this morning  67% humidity Wind 24 mph

Yesterday was relatively nice, wind was up which made it cooler than the temperature indicated but it did get up to 69 degrees.

Supposed to get up to 72 degrees today, but the wind is high.

Walk today (outside) due to nice weather, short walk of 19:27 minutes.  Wind was a little higher than I realized. 

Coughed a little until I remembered how to breathe and then the coughing stopped, so it may work.  (A fast breath in my nose, exhale through my mouth.)  

Also did weights today, sit-ups, barbells and benchpress.  

Worked on several parts of “Evernote” today, primarily trying to send e-mails to a specific notebook.  For some reason, it will eventually do it, but I have to run it through my Outlook account on my iPhone.  But at least it will work.  I’ll keep trying to make it smoother.  

I like to make my own “ring tones”.  Tried for follow a procedure I found and it didn’t work, which disappointed me.  I think there is so many iPhones that I need to find some specialized instructions.  

I’ll keep researching it, but I only have a certain amount of time I can work on something like that .  

The virus threat has certainly caught fire, so to speak, and rightly so.  The possible consequences are scary (shortages, etc., as well as the illness itself), but there isn’t much we e can do about it, other than protect ourselves.

The lying coward lunatic has certainly demonstrated his gross incompetence and failure as a leader.

All the coward liar can do is try to blame the news media for his incompetence and especially his gross negligence in appointing incompetent political hacks who can only sing his praises and aren’t qualified for their jobs.  

All the lying coward lunatic can do is squeal that everyone else is to blame when his failures and incompetence are responsible. 

I charged up all of my “old” devices just to see if they would hold a charge.  An iPod (the kind with the wheel) that the extended warranty expired in 2007 still plays fine, so it has lasted far longer than I expected, or at least the battery has. 

Also my “original iPad” that I bought 10 years ago this August still plays fine, although many of the programs won’t play because it is obsolete.  It does still play “animal” pictures and sounds that the kids enjoy, so it is still good!  

 My iPhone 3 purchased in 2008) and Aliens iPhone 3GS (purchased in 2009) but still operate and have a good battery, although they aren’t usable for much. 

Not that I have anything to do with the excellent battery life, I am just amazed by it!

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 1, 2020

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