2020 Winter March 2 Monday

43 degrees this morning   88% humidity,Yesterday was very nice, high of 78 degrees, except there was a strong wind all day, so it seemed cooler.  Today is supposed to be cooler with chances of rain.  

Today marks 5 years 8 months since we have moved to this area and 5 years six months since I started my current job.

It is hard to envision it being March of 2020, much less that we have been here since July 2 of 2014.  There are a lot of reasons we feel this was a good move,  and we would have missed a lot if we hadn’t moved. 

On the other hand, we missed the experiences we would have had if we hadn’t moved!  Kind of a different universe concept.  

Stationary bike 30 minutes (morning)

Walk (outside) 21:08 minutes, pace 58 seconds more than goal.  

Still getting used to walking outside.  So far, I have coughed as a result of walking outside, I’ll keep on walking more and decide.  

One decision I am trying to make is when to walk outside.  I used to walk extremely early in the morning (as soon as I got up) and that may have contributed to my coughing. 

The problem is finding the time to walk other times of the day.  I plan on gradually getting back into exercise and will have to adjust if I start coughing.  

Recently learned that my three older siblings have all had cataract surgery.  I am probably next.  The eye doctor about 12 years ago told me I had some “small cataracts,” but they haven’t grown.  It will be two years since my last eye exam, so I hope I don’t need cataract surgery, 

The (what they used to call the physical exam) each year is normally rather tense as I wait to see if I have a “dread disease” or need more tests.  Ditto with the eye doctor exams and the dental exams.  

I thought Netflix had lost my place on the “Blacklist” episodes I am watching.  Instead I found out I had finished all available episodes!  

Apparently they are going into a new Season, which is on tv, but not available on Netflix.  

I have been watching the show in very short stretches (at my 30 minute lunch or occasional visits to Starbucks) , so I have been watching it for several years in this way.   

That’s it for now, Monday, March 2, 2020

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