2020 Winter March 3 Tuesday

42 degrees this morning, 81% humidity

Supposedly got to the high sixties or even low seventies yesterday, but generally a nasty day, even with the temperature,  it felt cool due to the wind.  The problem was it was cold outside but would get hot in the car.  

Now I think I know why I get colds or at least have allergy reactions  in the Spring!  I’ll take some precautions this year and see if I can avoid the dreaded “Spring Cold”. 

We had to cancel our “cold getaway” this year.  The virus wasn’t the reason, we had to cancel anyway, but I’m not sure what we would have done if we hadn’t had to cancel anyway.  

“Fear of the unknown” is one of the biggest fears.  If we know what to expect we can deal with it but the coronavirus s definitely an unknown.  

I try not to worry about the panics , etc., that sweep through occasionally, but it also is rational to be concerned, especially with the ignorance and incompetence with the currently federal and state governments which have “leaders” who have no knowledge of government and seem to be unable to listen and learn.  

They just dwell in their ignorance and incompetence  as they destroy the federal and state by appointing their inexperienced buddies, donors and lobbyists and pursue their private indulgences. 

Furthermore they issue “Executive Orders” that mock the process that is supposed to be followed that includes the Legislature.  

Hopefully the voters will “fire” them at the earliest opportunity before they destroy the nation.  It can’t be too soon. 

I have always enjoyed following the stock market and the recent gyrations have certainly been interesting if nothing else. 

Had a dream the other day that I didn’t write down,  but I remember it, it was a very powerful dream.  It took me a while to realize it was only a dream.

I dreamed that I was asked to play the violin/fiddle, even though I haven’t played it for years.  

Somehow I faked my way through a performance on the fiddle, even though I haven’t played for years and I never was any good anyway.  I remember playing and throwing my way by throwing my fiddle around , etc.

I actually took lessons on the fiddle for about 10 years.  I was never any good at it, but I enjoyed it.  I wish I could remember more of the dream so I could determine what message my subconscious was sending me about it!  I don’t think it involved just my fiddle playing.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

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