2020 Winter March 4 Wednesday

46 degrees this morning, 67% humidity, 

Yesterday was relatively nice, little or no wind.

I noticed some flowers that I call Crocus pop out recently and yesterday I noticed a large group of the Bradford Pear or similar trees (with the white blooms) that means that Spring is almost here, both on the calendar and in reality!

Every year, it seems Winter/cold weather lasts forever, and Summer seems to go so fast.  One reason is that “Summer” starts to recede on the first day of Summer as the days get shorter after June 20 or 21. 

We had originally planned to be out of town today on vacation, but things happen!  It is one of those events (or change of events) that can have a major change on our lives.  Of course, we will never know since we will never know the potential results of each option.  

I find it an interesting concept that each decision we make, the alternative may continue as a “separate universe” we will never know.  However, that would make a lot of “universes”.  

I mentioned yesterday about the violin/fiddle.  Actually, I did take violin lessons for a number of years.  As I mentioned, I was never any good, but I did give me a real appreciation for the skill that violin/fiddle players (and all such instruments) have to be able to produce the music they do.  

I have always like violin music, my Mother told me even as a baby, I would stop and listen to violin music!

Of course, the reason I started taking violin/fiddle music is that I like the sound so much.

By the way a violin and fiddle are the same thing.  Some fiddles do have some alternations on them.  

Somehow when I listen to good fiddle or violin music, it is a “flow” I can feel.  Hard to describe, it is hard to describe, but I know it when I feel it!

In a way, I just happened to think it is kind of like writing.  When I really into writing and see the words or fell the words as the flow on the page, I kind of feel a flow also.  

It is a wonderful feeling to say the least.  

“Super Tuesday” yesterday.  Don’t know all of the results are in yet, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a campaign turn so fast.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 4, 2020.


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