2020 Winter March 5 Thursday

33 Degrees this morning, 83% humidity 

Yesterday was another day of a nasty cold, in spite of temperatures in the high 50’s.  I think the lack of sun and the wind really made it cold.

Recently have started reading “Apple News” on a regular basis.  I haven’t really gotten into the magazines yet, although I do read some of them on  regular basis. 

It is one service that is well worth the money and, like many things, I probably don’t use as much as I should.

I especially like that they have categories of news like Apple, the iPhone, Retirement investing , etc.  

One thing I don’t like about Facebook is the way an article or post “disappears” after your read it.   While I can save it, it is easy to save so many it becomes counter-productive. 

One of my younger sisters is retiring in the near future, so that leaves my youngest Sister and I as the only ones working full time.  

Nothing wrong with being retired, I know a lot of people who love it!  I’m  sure I would enjoy it also, but I also love my job.  At some point in time, I know I will make the decision to retire.  Hopefully I will make it and not my health! 

As I may have mentioned, years ago, I remember talking with a man who was probably a few years older than I am now, maybe the same age.  

He kind of wistfully said that he wished he had traveled more when he was younger, and now he couldn’t do it.  (I think it was money, it could have been health)

Anyway, several months later I read where he had died and I felt rather haunted by how words.  

After that I decided, if I wanted to travel, I was going to travel.  If I didn’t want to, that is fine also. 

We hope to travel some each year and hope that our health never gets to the point we can’t travel, but at least if it does, we can look back and observe we enjoyed the change to travel and food advantaged of it!

I was surprised that the Supreme Court, which is supposed to uphold free speech , etc., had their feelings hurt by some criticism, and the comments are basically true. 

The court system is becoming a bunch of unqualified  political hacks and the recent appointees to the “supreme” court  by the lying coward lunatic are primary examples and appear to be paid off by the “super pacs” and the ultra conservative political group who invite them to “speak” and I am sure pay them hefty “fees”.  

They deserve the criticism and should consider it instead of trying nuzzle free speech. 

I decided it was good we didn’t fly recently when the lying coward lunatic said it was “safe to fly”.  How do you ever believe a chronic liar?  He appears to lie even when telling the truth wouldn’t hurt anything, so you can figure he will lie about anything that in his unstable mind he thinks will make him look better.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 5, 2020.


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