2020 Winter February 28 Friday

31 degrees this morning,  72% humidity. 

Yesterday was cold, when it was sunny it was good, but if you got in the shade and the wind hit you, it was miserable!

Weights yesterday morning (sit ups, dumbbells, bench press).   

The panic buying bought on by the virus is one of those panics that seemed to build slowly.  Last weekend I could feel a little of it in the air, but it really seems to it Monday.  

Reminds me of the City where I first started my career, there was a rumor that the truck drivers were going on strike.  This was an isolated city.

Suddenly, all the milk and bread disappeared.  It was rather shocking, the first time I had seen something like that, everything just disappeared.  

People were buying more than they could even refrigerate and several days later (the strike never materialized), people were just throwing milk and bread away.  Probably more than just milk and bread, but that is what I remember.  Ott

This time, it appears to be a panic on bottled water for some unknown reason.  I can understand the disinfectant , etc., but bottled water?  

Of course, you think people are panicking and then you think of novels where people are living on the streets and gangs are going around preying on people , etc., after a disaster. 

I kind of figure what is, will be, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be prepared, without going nuts on panic buying.  

Of course, the lies of the lying coward lunatic and his ignorant  cowering coward toadies really has contributed to the misunderstandings and contributed a lot to the panic buying and the stock market panic.  

Funny that the lying coward lunatic said the stock market slide was the Democratic debate but then the largest gain was after the Biden victories, relief that Biden’s nomination was more likely.  

What really irritates me is the lying coward lunatic belittles all officials, squeals out huge lies, makes ignorant decisions that are destroying the wold economy and then a Democrat merely states the truth about the Supreme Court and suddenly he should be nuzzled.  Shows the type of Judges the lying coward lunatic and his cowering cowards appoint. 

The actions of the lying coward lunatic and his cowering cowards are the reason we are guaranteed free speech.  Of course, they want free speech unless it is someone telling the truth about them and their lies, criminal behavior and theft of tax $!  

Friday, I am ready for the weekend!

That’s it for now, Friday, March 6, 2020. 

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