2020 Winter March 7 Saturday

42 degrees this morning, 45% humidity

Yesterday was a wonderful day, after a cold start  High of 65 degrees.  Generally a lot nicer since the sun was out.  One of those days when it is hot in the car, but cold outside.

I am usually very conscious of germs just because I am out usually three days per week and meet a lot of people and in a lot of areas.   

Also, the past few years, I have easily caught colds , etc., which makes me ever more conscious of germs.  

I have become even more conscious lately and really watch washing my hands at every chance as well as using disinfectant. I had so much around I thought I would never be out, but I can see how it could happen.  

I use UV light on my phones and put anything I can (keys, credit cards, money, watch , etc.) in the “phone soak” to disinfect them.  

I remember when I was working for cities, I learned how effective UV light could be to disinfect sewer water and so I am a fan of UV light to disinfect.  I have looked at the big boxes of UV light, but haven’t gotten one yet.  The “wands” that disinfect surfaces are also good.

They aren’t perfect but they do work up to a point. I probably should have gotten some earlier!  I haven’t checked but I’m sure the price gougers are at work.

I am puzzled as to why bottled water is being hoarded.  It is unlikely the public water system will be disrupted and it is always highly disinfected. 

One thing I have never understood is the attacks on bottled water.  I don’t see the same attacks on plastic soft drinks or plastic beer bottles , etc., for that matter.

A coupe of weird dreams recently.  While I don’t know if my subconscious is trying to tell me something or it is merely bric a brac of the mind, but they are really hard dreams.  

In my latest dream, I am in a City I used to work in, but the other dream participants are from other cities or other parts of my life.

What is really strange is that I was in my current job and apparently I was working in an office, probably on a field trip.  

The two key parts of the dream were the office kept getting more crowded as employees (or someone) would bring personal stuff to store there.  

At the last part, I couldn’t get around hardly at all because they were storing (among other things), washing machines and driers and bicycles and boxes and boxes 

I kept trying to find my work computer so I could sign in.  I kept saying I had to get to work and I couldn’t do it without my computer and work files (which is true).

An employee who used to rat out other employees kept talking about how someone was going to work for the county and I kept saying “good for him if he improves himself”.  

A strange dream to say the least. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 7, 2020.


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