2020 Winter March 8 Sunday

48 degrees this morning  64% humidity Wind 16 mph

Yesterday was relatively nice, but the wind was 21 mph or so which ruined the sunny weather of 69 degrees!  

“Spring Forward” morning.  I don’t like losing an hour, but it does mean Spring is  getting closer.  The time change fooled me this morning, I forgot about it and happened to look one of the two clocks that don’t change automatically.  

Started to walk outside, but decided wind wouldn’t make it worth while.  Right now, I  definitely don’t want to get a cold or start coughing!  I don’t really want to be quarantined for 14 days over a cold!

I have been running my “phone soap,” disinfecting anything that will fit in it.  The phones, cases,  credit cards, money and anything else that will fit. 

I cleaned out some areas I had been storing items that had been in the car and found 5 bottles of hand disinfectant!  They were small bottles I picked up at various places, but they will do me for a while.  I also found 5 tubes of various sizes of sunscreen.  

Sunday morning already, it seems the weekend (and the month and year),  just speed by, yet it has seemed like an extremely long Winter, or rather it seems like such a long Winter.

It must be a psychological trick that the days fly by and the seasons drag.  Until Summer of course, which will fly by also! 

I scanned an article in the Washington Post about a woman who gradually realized how sick the lying coward lunatic was and finally started to express herself.  Her father wrote he out of her will, her Minister refused to talk about her feelings about the lunatic (and proceeded to order the congregation to vote for the chronic liar lunatic the next Sunday).  

One statement sticks out that she felt physically sick when she saw the lying coward lunatic in his crap red hat spewing his lies and hate on tv.  I can certainly emphasize with that, I just feel sick and repulsed when I hear that braying voice spewing lies and hate.  Especially when he can’t stop praising himself and campaigning and lying.  

If I am by myself anytime I see or hear that repulsive creature, I either mute the tv or change the channel.  

I’ll save the article to read later.  It was an interesting article but a very, very long article.  I expect more people will begin to realize how repulsive and incompetent this creature is, hopefully before the next election. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 8, 2020.  


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