2020 Winter March 9 Monday

58 degrees this morning  85% humidity, wind 19 mph showers 

Yesterday supposed to be nice, instead it was very windy, almost blew us away. 

Temperature high of 59 degrees but the 21 mph wind with much higher gusts made it extremely nasty. 

A light misting rain started late afternoon, making it even worse.  Hopefully the rain will stop before I need to go to work.  

Stationary bike, 30 minutes.  Was looking forward to walking outside, but not in 21 mph winds.  

I also don’t like to bike in strong winds.  Some years ago, I was biking east on a bicycle lane on a highway.  I was moving along about 30 mph with a strong wind at my back. Really enjoying the ride,   I got about 4 miles and suddenly realized I had to ride BACK into 30 mph wind, with a storm coming in yet.

I made it back, probably averaging about 6 mph! I remember I was just taking pedal at a time and not even thinking about the next pedal.  I tried to make sure I never did that again!

In spite of the nasty weather, it has been a good weekend.  

We had an opportunity to move to an “active” Senior complex.  We probably will pass on it for various reasons, including some things that seem “little” now, but could soon become major irritants in the process of daily living.  

They weren’t major items, but you never know how you will feel when you have to live in it.  

It seems like when they design for “seniors,” they think of sardine cans.  

What really puzzles us is why so many of them (even the 2 and 3 bedroom) have only a single sink in the master bedroom/bathroom. I don’t know what they are thinking, unless there is some kind of huge cost to a double sink.

It did start us thinking on “downsizing,” which we need to do whether we move or not, so we don’t have to rush when we do have to downsize.  

I keep telling myself in the end I will give all of it up anyway, so I may as well give/junk or sell it now if I don’t use it all the time.  

One exception is my Hot Wheels car collection.  I plan on keeping it even if I have to box them up and put them under the bed!  Actually, usually I could display many of them ing my office!  

Actually some of them get beat up by the kids and I have to throw them away, but only about 2 or 3 in the past 5 years!  I give away some, but not enough to endanger my collection!

That’s it for now, Monday, March 9, 2020.

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