2020 Winter March 11 Wednesday

65 degrees this morning, 83% humidity, wind 18 mph

Yesterday was excellent, high of 73 degrees.  Still had a “coolness” in the air.  Today is supposed to be nice with the temperature in the 70’s, if the wind doesn’t ruin it!  

Did my exercise this morning, sit-ups, barbells and the bench press.  I have a “heavy bag” and a punching bag and I need to start using them.  

Today on my work PC, I found the danger of using “sticky notes” (to help you remember tasks) on Microsoft.  

I accidentally deleted my “sticky notes” and as soon as I researched how to get them back, I knew they were gone forever.  I can’t believe they would make it so easy to delete and difficult to get back.  

I will never use the Microsoft “sticky notes” again, I will use the Apple Notes on my phone although it is a little more difficult to use (for my work tasks, not personal tasks). 

Calls, e-malls , etc., get so hectic during the day (especially a field day), it is difficult to always remember a fleeting phone call or task.  

Also with my new printer it is very simply to print from my phones, iPad , etc., so I can conveniently print it out.  

I was really disappointed with Microsoft.  While I mainly use only Apple on my personal work (and Microsoft and the PC where I work), I was overall impressed with the computer and programs, at least until now. 

The virus obviously getting worse and worse in the US, abetted by the unbelievable   incompetence, ignorance and lies of the administration.  

All we can do is take the recommended  precautions  and hope for the best.  I decided it may be best not to try to walk or bicycle outside, even with the warmer weather.  Actually I will walk outside some, with the provision, I won’t continue if I start coughing. 

I have to wonder if the Coronavirus wasn’t some kind of failed germ warfare that got out of hand.  Probably not, but weirder things have happened.  

I was complaining about the Microsoft “sticky notes” disappearing and  Apple just sent me an unwanted notification that a “Numbers” update was available and I lost a major portion of what I had just written! 

I guess all computer companies have little regard for their customers when it comes to this.  

I am trying to eliminate all “notifications,” they are a hassle and a waste of time since many of them essentially block you from what you are doing. 

The worst is the HP printer for my work, these “ads” pop up to order their supplies and then the printer keeps wanting to “align” the paper using a gob of their super-expensive ink.  One reason I don’t have, and won’t buy anything HP for my personal use. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 11, 2020. 

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