2020 Winter March 12 Thursday

63 Degrees this morning, 69% humidity Wind 12 mph

Yesterday was a wonderful “Spring” date, high of 76 degrees, no wind, relatively sunny.  Hopefully we’ll have some more days like this!

I learned that this year will be the earliest Spring in 124 years, 10:50 p.m. (CDT) on March 19, 2020.  I doubt that it really makes any difference on the weather itself, but at least Spring will be a day or two earlier this year.  

The virus is really taking over the news (and life) as everyone knows.  It is kind of startling how it suddenly became “real”.

Of course the lying coward lunatic did his normal incompetent and ignorant actions.

The lunatic blamed everyone else but himself for the lack of preparation  and action by the government, not mentioning his continuous  lies and ignorant comments. Of course he blamed it on “foreigners”.   Really sick.  Of course the speech was written by the Nazi Stephen Miller and the lunatic read it like a robot.

Some member of the legislature here is trying to make the “AR 15” (or whatever it is called), the “state rifle”.  The oil business is going to hell (which provides a lot of money for the state), a virus is threatening not only the health of residents but also the economy and all some elected officials can think of is to try to make some pyrrhic victory about guns.  

Makes us embarrassed to live in this state with sick idiots like that along with other bizarre actions by the state government. 

It isn’t like the “AR 15” bill will become law, but you never know.  

Nothing against guns, even the AR 15, but trying make a gun used in massacres of children the “state rifle” is really sick. 

I am pleasantly surprised at the battery on the new iPhones.  I talk on it all day or use it for the internet, e-mail , etc., and the lowest it has been (on either phone) at the end of the day is 65%. Normally it is 80%

However the MacBook Air does run out of battery late in the day when I use it a lot.   I really thought it would be better, but if you start when I first turn on the computer, it probably isn’t bad. 

My six 1/2 year old iPad still has enough battery for what I need it for, although it wouldn’t last all day if I used it continuously.  

The new iPhones provide my “screen time” each week and compare it to the previous week.  I’m not sure rally what good it does, but I guess it is good to know.

There are limits to such systems, my work Microsoft program computer has a program called “analytics”  (or something like that) that attempts to tell me something, but it really doesn’t relate to my work at all. 

 Artificial Intelligence isn’t quite there yet, thank goodness.  Not really “thank goodness,” it has a lot of potential, but we need to be careful not to try to expect too much of it.

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 12, 2020.

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