2020 Winter March 14 Saturday

42 degrees this morning, 95% humidity, Wind 13 mph, raining 

Yesterday was a miserable day to say the least.  Rain all day, high of 57 degrees, but the wind and rain made it extremely miserable.  One of those days I didn’t realize how cold it felt until I got out of the car. 

To further the  miserable day, I was driving in the rain when I suddenly heard a “thump thump” like a flat tire.  I stopped the car and didn’t see any flat tire, so I assumed it was just the rain or rough streets.

I took off again and the thump thump got worse and my “tire pressure” light came on, so I pulled off at a 7-11.  

I called AAA and they came right out in the rain and cold.  I was working on my computer.  The AAA guy called me and said he had come up to my windows and I didn’t respond.  That is concentration!  (or as Aliene says, I may have been taking a nap)!

He quickly found a large bolt in the tire, fortunately there was still air in the tire.  Apparently the “thump thump” came from when the bolt in the tire hit he road as the tire rotated!  Apparently a well made tire! 

There was actually a tire shop a block away from when I stopped, but they said it would be Sunday at 3:00 p.m. for the next appointment, so I called where I had bought the tires and they could fix it today.

I drove on a “baby tire” the rest of the day, very carefully!  I couldn’t go over 40 mph, so I had to stay on City streets, it was about 15 miles after I finished my field day.  

I say I couldn’t go over 40 mph in theory since I probably did reach 50 mph occasionally , but I knew better than to drive on the interstate or turnpike. 

I do know of someone (who will go unnamed) that drove a long distance on a baby (temporary) tire for a long distance at turnpike speeds and it worked ok, but I didn’t want to take the chance. 

Of course, they advised the tire was ruined and they were out of that tire, although it will be here today.

I didn’t even think about it being Friday the 13th until late last night!  Frankly, I have no belief in the Friday the 13th hex, it could have happened on any day if I had gotten a bolt like that in my tire!

Actually, I was lucky that it happened at low speed and I was able to stop at a safe place.

It was a very expensive bolt, as what I thought was covered by my “road hazard warranty” proved to be worthless.  They didn’t tell me it expired after two years!  This is the 3rd tire I have had ruined since I started working my current job (all not covered by road hazard).  

On the good side of life, it was 23 years ago today (March 14, 1997,) and Aliene and I got “officially” engaged.  One of the better decisions I have ever made!  We had actually decided well before that but delayed announcing it due to another marriage in her family.  

One of my favorite memories is we went to a dance (at the place we met) and she showed the engagement ring to a friend who started jumping up and down in excitement!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 14, 2020.

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