2020 Winter March 15 Sunday

41 degrees this morning  95% humidity , Wind 10mph

Yesterday was another miserable rainy day.  Generally cold, although we didn’t get out in it much.  Rain stopped by late afternoon, but started late evening again.  Supposed to be a miserable week.

Stationary bike, 30 minutes.  

When I realized that last Sunday was March 8 and the date of Daylight Savings Time, it seemed like it was a lot longer than just one week!

Life changed a lot the past week, probably even more for others than for us.  School closings, suspension of almost all sports events, suspension of almost all meetings , etc.  

Last night our Fittness Center e-mailed that it was closing immediately for several weeks , etc.   The zoo, Art Museum , etc., have all announced that they are closing for several weeks.  

While most of the closings are for several weeks, I expect it could be longer.  No one really knows. 

I can’t help but support the closings, I think they are simply necessary and prudent. We really don’t know anything about the virus. 

Of course, we have a national and, in our case, a state leadership which isn’t really doing much to assist, keeping their heads in the sand and denying that a problem exists.  

Fortunately, many cities and states, businesses and organizations are being proactive.  

It is hard to believe that the lying coward lunatic and his followers are in denial and blaming others for their administrations  negligence and incompetence.  The chronic liar has lied so much, how can you believe anything he, or his cowering coward toadies, say?

It is sickening to hear his toadies fawn over the lying coward lunatic and say how he has done everything “perfect”  (a word that is now ruined forever) when he has displayed his chronic lies, his attempt to blame everyone else for his incompetence and negligence , etc. 

The governor or the state is acting the same way, his head in the sand and assuming the problem will go away, surrounded by a group of people with no experience or knowledge of how to proceed.

Actually, I hope they are right, but the job of a leader is to prepare, not to assume “everything is going to be ok” and lie and blame everyone else.

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 15, 2020


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