2020 Winter March 16 Monday

45 degrees this morning  98% humidity, showers

Another generally miserable day yesterday, occasional rain, cold, wind.

Our fitness center closed for at least two weeks, effectively immediately.  Not that we weren’t expecting it or didn’t realize there is a good reason for it.   Still it was another change in our routine. 

We also had e-mails that Starbucks and Taco Bell were going to “window” delivery only (at least in some areas), so there go of my favorite “third places” where I can go for lunch.  I don’t actually eat lunch there, I just go there and watch my movie or  series , etc., but I still have other places, I think.  

Hopefully people will take precautions more seriously.

Of course, we’re in a state where the governor tweeted a selfie of himself and family bragging about being in a “crowded restaurant” and generally encouraged people to do the same.  

Kind of his style, he also “doesn’t believe” in vaccinating his children.  

Even with a clueless governor (clueless in many areas, not just this area) many cities and counties are declaring emergencies , etc., since they know how important it is to be proactive.  

Hopefully his denial won’t cause a lot of needless deaths and hospitalizations by failing to encourage people and the state to take precautions.  

At least my weight set and punching bag , etc., is at my house.  I prefer walking and bicycling outside anyway, if I can do it without coughing.  

We definitely need a new president and governor, they obviously know nothing about governing and aren’t learning, just hiding in their little cocoons and only listening to people who fawn over them and tell them what they want to hear, which isn’t always the truth.

Of course the lying coward lunatic  is a chronic liar as are all of his cowering cowards who only tell him what he wants to hear even if it’s a huge lie.

Then he actually has the gall to tell people “not to hoard,” telling another huge lie that there will be enough, just like he was promising “anyone who wants a test can get one”.  He is sickening. I expect his comments only increased hoarding since everyone knows he is a chronic liar.  

The “Ides of March” is past.  Not that I have ever really thought much about it, but this year is a little different! 

That’s it for now, Monday, March 16, 2020.




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