2020 Winter March 14 Tuesday

 49 degrees this morning, 98% humidity rain today

Yesterday wasn’t horrible, but had periods of misting etc and the sun never shone (I think that is the right word)

I did try walking, have to get back into shape or stay in shape. Walked about 18:51 minutes, at a pace 1.39 above my goal.  

I am keeping it short and somewhat slow, to see any effects of coughing , etc.  No coughing yesterday, either during or after my walk.

Well,  Sunday night the governor did declare an emergency for the state due to the Covid 19 virus.  Then he repeated the same thing he had done the night before, going out to eat in a crowded restaurant and crowing about it! 

Anyway, at least the State (and cities and counties) are taking it serious instead of saying it is media hype. 

While at work,  I like the “Field Days”and “Office Days” approximately equally well, with the current situation, I was glad when they decided to temporarily stop all field visits.  The thought of exposing myself to 10 to 15 places a day in the current situation wasn’t very pleasant.  

I do have plenty of hand sanitizer (although I’m not sure if it isn’t too old), but I wasn’t looking forward to exposing myself in numerous places, plus most of the places where I take my lunch break or do paperwork had closed.  

Anyway, I will be working out of the office for the duration, who knows how long the duration is.  

It is strange to see no cars in the parking lot at Starbucks, McDonalds , etc. They are closing their seating areas and going to drive thru/delivery.  Unfortunately I don’t like drive thru’s and I don’t like delivery.  I don’t like drive thru’s because I tend to get claustrophobic feelings of panic if I am in line  and I just don’t care for delivery. 

I have noticed a lot less traffic, even during  “rush hour”.

Strange to think this all took place, basically since last Wednesday night!  The world changed completely in less than a week, although there were indications before that.   

The lying coward lunatic finally “saw the light” and of course the first thing he wants to do is throw billions at his donors, lobbyists and the fat cats.  As normal, he is kicking the average citizen who needs health insurance, food stamps or money to survive his incompetence in the teeth while giving a windfall of tax $ to his donors, lobbyists and himself.  

Got my ruined tire replaced today.  The dealer forgot to reset the tire light, and so I am not sure if I can trust my tires to be aired property.  Worse yet, I have to take the time to return the car to have it properly taken care of.  While I can figure out how to reset it, my feeling it is their responsibility, plus I don’t know if the light might be on because they did’t air the tires correctly.  

Another day of rain and clouds.  It may fit the current reality, but I am ready for sun and heat!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

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