2020 Winter March 18 Wednesday

55 degrees this morning, 98% humidity

Yesterday was  coolish, with occasional misting rain.  Hard rain last night and even a short thunderstorm.  

Sit-ups, barbells and the bench press yesterday morning.

Also walked 20:23 minutes, pace was 1 minute 13 seconds later than my goal.  Still no coughing  thank goodness.  I’ll pick up the time, distance and speed as I progress.  

Times are getting stranger all the time, I am adapting to working every day from my home office using phone calls and e-mail to get my work done.  

Meanwhile, most restaurants have gone to delivery, pickup only, even the traditional restaurants.  All gyms, theaters, food courts in malls , etc., are closed.  

No groups more than 8 people are to gather.  As I mentioned, the drop in traffic is amazing.  It is like the world is slowing down or stopping. 

The governor of this state is making national news about his inability to grasp that he should be setting an example, like it or not.  Instead he even had a second picture of himself in a restaurant with a lot of people after he was mocked for the first one.  

I’m not sure if the panic buying (of toilet paper for some reason) is over or not.  We have had busy grocery stores, but not long lines or anything.  A lot of shortages in toilet paper, paper towels, water and hand sanitizer and vague shortages in other items.  

I thought it was rather telling that the lying coward lunatic told the state to “get their own medical supplies etc,” but he is shoveling money to airlines , etc.  

While I realize the importance of airlines, it infuriates me that the airlines, who have made an art of secret unexpected  fees, high fares , etc., actually have the gall to ask for 50 billion dollars in bailout funds.  

Hopefully they will require some ownership or commitments that the airlines won’t continue to jack up rates indiscriminately, increase nuisance fees and artificially keep capacity low just so they can keep rates artificially high and continue to rip off passengers. 

Ditto with hotels who jack up their rates (I have seen from $100 to $600 for “special events”) when they can get away with it without any ethical considerations whatsoever.  I don’t have much sympathy for them when demand is low, although I realize it is important to keep the infrastructure of hotels available.  

Again, it seems they should require some type of commitment from the hotels to not artificially raise rates to exorbitant levels and require some ownership for the bailout. 


It is surprising how the current situation is becoming the “new normal” and I look with suspicion  on the morning newspaper, credit cards after someone else has handled them , etc.  Probably healthy suspicion, but I am surprised how fast it became part of my “normal” life.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

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