2020 Winter March 19 Thursday

 64 Degrees this morning, % humidity Wind  15 mph, currently thunderstorm and rain

Yesterday was a wonderful “Spring” date, high of 79 degrees, no wind, relatively sunny, after a rainy morning.  The sun came out mid morning and it was a beautiful day.  Hopefully we’ll have some more days like this!

Of course it returned to rain and a thunder storm last night.  

Walked 20:02 minutes, pace was 1:03 minutes higher the goal.  Probably be a while before I reach my goal again.  

Got a new Newsletter today.   I can’t wait to hear his comments about the current situation.  I did scan it.  

I think much of the problem now is the result of  “The pig who cried  wolf,” the lying coward lunatic, the liars at fox “news”,” , etc., squealing about “fake news” and braying lies every time he opens his mouth.

Of course, now a high percentage  of the “false believers” don’t  believe  the seriousness of the situation, which will lead to a lot of unnecessary deaths and illnesses.

The incompetent  lying coward lunatic was squealing about “conspiracy theories”  and playing politics instead of planning 

The world does get stranger every day. Rush hour traffic is low, major indoor Malls are closing for at least several weeks, manufacturing plants are shutting down, and you almost can’t find a restaurant to sit down and eat.

Almost all meetings are canceled, and I even hesitate to do anything that has even a remote possibility of being contagious.  That includes even taking my car in, cashing a check, or handling cash or credit cards , etc.  

Even Sunday morning we ate breakfast out and didn’t really think much about it. Now, even if we could, I doubt that we would eat out until the virus slows down. 

Even last Saturday (it seems like forever now) we worked out at the fitness center without any real thought about it.  It closed Sunday morning.

We get our rings cleaned and inspected every six months and the company suspended that for several months.  (This was before the malls closed.)

It was only a week ago that sports teams begin canceling games (and seasons).  

Not that I disagree with it, I think we (as a society) have to try everything after our slow start.

What is really scary is the inability of the health industry to handle the possible influx of illness.  As I noted above, if they had started several months ago, everyone  would have been much better prepared.

The situation in Italy is really scary (medical facilities overwhelmed) and could happen anyplace. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 19, 2020.


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