2020 Spring March 20 Friday

44 degrees this morning, 75% humidity, wind 22 mph, no rain at this time

Spring 2020!  Somehow it doesn’t seem as good as I expected during the Winter due to the virus, although at least it is here.  

Yesterday was another up and down day, rain in the morning, sun came out mid-morning.  Cold weather is coming in however, but thought I would enjoy the weather while I can.  

Weights yesterday (sit ups, barbells and bench press).

Also had a chance to walk outside again, which is wonderful.  Walk 20:36, pace was 1:17 over my goal.  Feels good to walk outside again, hopefully I can keep increasing the time, distance and pace, but I am not in any hurry to do so.  I will just increase as I feel is appropriate.  

As long as I don’t start coughing, I am just glad to be able to walk outside again.  It will probably be awhile before I swim again, since the swimming pools are closed.  

Since I am walking at a different time, I am walking on the sidewalk and on a bicycle/walking trail

We are readily deciding to avoid any contact in public places, even more than we planned.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am beginning to view any contact as a possible danger, which is really too bad.  

We actually can live with it, at least for a while.  We are eliminating some activities that we enjoy but it beats the potential alternative if we get careless.  

I didn’t quite make it long enough with my old MacBook Air, but there is no way my previous MacBook Air was going to last me another week, much less six months.  Apple came out with a new MacBook Air this week, which I had been waiting for all last year until I had to replace my MacBook Air.  It wasn’t worth paying $700 to fix it!

Quite frankly, the model I have has disappointed me and it is primarily the keyboard.  There is something that isn’t just right about it.  It may just be the settings, since the keyboard has been a lot better since I talked with an Apple “Genius’ about it and made some adjustments.  

However, nothing I can’t live with, I enjoy it otherwise. 

I was surprised I didn’t care for the “finger log-in,” better than having to use a password etc, but now the screen closes every time.  

Actually, I really like the “iPhone” face recognition, it is really effective.  

Today is Friday, but I don’t get the normal thrill of a Friday, although it will be nice to have the time off, it just will be we won’t be doing what we normally enjoy doing on weekends.  Maybe go the grocery store, but that is about it.  We are considering delivery or pick up, but haven’t decided yet.  We are undecided about hair and other personal car appointment, but probably will take the safe route.  We are even considering canceling routine medical tests , etc.  

Our governor is still being mocked nation wide for his social media posts on “eating out in crowded restaurants, although all the bars and restaurants are now closed (in most cities, not state-wide).  Not quite sure why he doesn’t set a good example.  

A new world that changes everyday.

That’s it for now, Friday, March 20, 2020.

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