2020 Spring March 21 Saturday

33 degrees this morning, 68 % humidity

Sit ups, barbells, bench press

No walk (wind and cold). I will make sure I walk this weekend.  

First full week of “office days”.  Have to change a  few procedures, but it will work for at least as long as I need to do it. It has a lot of good points and of course I also enjoyed the field days, so I’ll miss that.  

In a way it is preparing me for retirement, except I doubt if my working hours will be quite as strict! 

Read about the history of sumo wrestling.  It was rather interesting.  It is one of those events that the build up is as important as the event.  I did learn that a lot of the rituals have a basis in the history and culture of Japan.  

The “foot stomping” ritual is to rid the area of evil spirits, which kind of makes sense!

I discovered that in the “History” magazine on Apple News  Every issue has a multitude of  historical stories, a large majority of which are very interesting  and provide historical information  I had never heard before.  

I will try to read one story a day and see what I can learn!  Every issue I looked at has at least 10 stories that sound interesting, so I have a feeling I will never run out of reading material. 

While I am not a sales person for Apple News, it is a a wonderful product, especially since I am a newspaper and magazine junkie and kind of got away from magazines when they went on-line. 

Now I have a wide variety of magazines available and I can just read one article out of it and not feel wasteful.  

We were watching a FrontLine program last night on Amazon and during the show it would use the “wakeup word” and our Echo’s would try to respond.  

I keep waiting for Apple to come out with a similar product (at a similar cost) but don’t know if that will happen. 

I have no doubt we after losing a  lot of our privacy, I really don’t have many qualms about the Echo/Alexa or OK Google.  I really doubt that anyone much cares about my daily conversations, but with the current administration, I can really see how it would be misused.

On the virus front, the world becomes more unreal each day, now at least 3 large cities are essentially ghost towns and all restaurants etc are closed (except for delivery and take out).   We are even discussing it we want to go grocery shopping, since it may it may be dangerous to us!

That’s it for now, March 21, 2020

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