2020 Spring March 22 Sunday

46 degrees this morning  97% humidity 

Weather yesterday started off cold (31 degrees), but warmed up enough I could  take a walk and then got cooler and started raining.  At one point, it was raining while the sun was shining.  Good for a rainbow, although we didn’t see one.  There were pictures of rainbows on the neighborhood facebook page.

Rest of the week is supposed to be nicer, with highs in the 70’s on some days.

Read in the “History” magazine about the “Battle of Salamis” in 420 BC.  Overall rather interesting, although I was more interested in the narrative about the  “Greece City States” at the time. The  “cities”  frequently  spoke different languages, had  different interests and fought each other all the time.  I’m not sure why they had a “loose confederation”!

Reminded me of when I as in the 7th grade we were studying Greece (or something related) and I bought a book on it  I was disappointed when we moved on to something  else after several days  and that was it, although I don’t think I ever read the book. 

Kind of the same problem after WW II with many of the countries that are assimilated without consideration for the different tribal and religious affiliations.  I don’t recall enough to comment much further on it, something I need to brush up on!

Apple announced their new iPad, and I think it is finally the iPad I’m going to bite on, so to speak.   Not right now, but in a few months after any bugs are worked out.  It appears to be a very impressive device.

I especially like the concept of the camera if It works as well as the iPhone 11 Max camera  

The “new world” continues to change everyday, as more stores and activities close or are shut down to stop the spread of the virus.  As I have mentioned before it seems strange that only a week ago (last Saturday) we went to our fitness center  and Saturday night it closed down.

Sunday we ate breakfast out and all the restaurants were closed Sunday night!  Monday I was advised to work only in the office.  

Of course we see the ridiculous  spectacle of the national government and their lies, evasions and cowardly blaming everyone but themselves for their incompetent actions.   What is worse is the criminal lying coward lunatic using the “news conferences” for an opportunity to spread lies, campaign using his cheap lies and continuous lying attacks on the news media  What a scumbag.  

The pathetic lying show they put on and their failure to be responsible and just blame the news media (and anyone else they can blame) shows how incompetent all of them are. What is bad is their failure to act could result in millions of illnesses, job losses and deaths.

We even heard of a case where a Doctor told a patient “don’t believe Trump whatever you do,” which really indicates how serious it is.

So far, we have been basically hanging out at home, only going out for essentials and otherwise avoiding crowds and washing our hands often and using hand sanitizer or wipes many times!

I’m not sure I want to know what the next week will bring, although it could get better!  I am always usually positive, which is normally good, but I also try to see reality.  Not saying it works, but you never know, especially with the incompetent fools in “charge” of the nation and the state we live in. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 22, 2020.


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