2020 Spring March 23 Monday

 53 degrees this morning  94% humidity

Yesterday was rainy in the morning, stopped raining, but the sun never came out.  Didn’t matter too much as I was just out for my walk.  

Usual routine we have followed since last weekend, try to avoid any chance of getting the virus.  We actually try to use common sense, along with extra vigilance.  I got a hair cut Saturday (advised before hand I would be the only customer).  

I don’t think I will take that chance again.  We aren’t even going to the grocery store if we can avoid it.  Much as I hate drive thurs’,’ that is what we try to go through for anything.  I have been using it to pick up medicine fo some time, as long as there are no cars in the drive through.  

I actually went through a Starbucks drive thru for the first time ever Saturday morning.  A long line, but it went fast. 

Weights, (sit-ups, barbells, bench press) this morning.  

Walk:  22:57 minutes, pace was 55 seconds longer than my goal, my best since I started back.   Walking a little longer each day, although I will probably stay at this distance for several days. 

I did get gas Saturday, Regular was $1.31 per gallon, probably less today.  Not necessarily good in this state where oil and gas are such a huge part of the economy.  

Also, since we hardly drive anyplace, and I don’t drive for work right now, it really doesn’t do us much good!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe how politicians suck up to their donors, lobbyists and the “big business interests” .  Obviously the at least 2 trillion dollar “bailout” bill was mainly directed at throwing money at lobbyists, donors and big business again, allowing the huge raises for executive and high “stock buybacks” with tax money, with a dollop for small business and individuals to make it look good. 

In this state, it really shows  Just by accident, I noted that the legislature here is going to pass a bill kicking the average citizen in the teeth again by vastly restricting unemployment benefits.

Hard to believe, the oil and gas companies were slowing anyway, now with the virus throwing a lot of low wage workers out of jobs, the legislature, instead of assisting them, kicks them in the teeth, and tries to lower the unemployment taxes for their donors, lobbyists and big business.  

The Legislature is one of the highest paid part-time Legislatures’ in the nation (in addition to all the free meals , etc., that Lobbyists give them) as well as huge “per deems” and other huge benefits, but they continue to kick the average citizen in the teeth. 

What is really strange is that I really hadn’t heard about it anyplace except in the local paper (which usually acts like al the local state senators and representatives can’t do any wrong).  

I am just amazed that something like this could just slide through with no other comments, especially in the unemployment environment we are in now.  

Monday, start of another workweek.  Definitely will be different as I continue to work only from the office.  As I have noted before there are good sides and bad sides. Whatever, what is, is.

That’s it for now, Monday, March 23, 2020.

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