2020 Spring March 24 Tuesday

 60 degrees this morning, 98% humidity, Wind 13 mph

Kind of a miserable day yesterday, in spite of a high of 64 degrees.  The sun never really came out.  

Weights, (sit-ups, barbells, bench press)  Although I don’t do any fancy exercises, I do some basics I have been doing almost 30 years.  

I actually started lifting weights t a gym near where I was working around 1989 or so.  I actually go into it fairly heavy for a while, but then went back to a “maintenance” routine which I have continued to this day at various levels.  

I have always owned some weights and about 4 years ago bought a quality weight set which helps me maintain my weight workouts. 

Walk yesterday, 22:57 minutes, pace was again 55 seconds slower the my goal.  

Since I am working only from my home office and “staying in place” for the most part, I feel it is important for me to continue my outdoor walk, hopefully keep increasing my distance and bettering my pace.  

Previously, I got quite a bit of walking on my “field days” anyway, plus the weekends, so it its important that I continue my daily exercise.  

I wouldn’t doubt a bit but what it helps counteract ay psychological effects.

Toastmasters meeting last night was a “Zoom”  meeting, really the only way we can meet.  It was good to see everyone, even over the computer!

I wasn’t really familiar with “Zoom” before, it is a nice program, especially during this time.  

It was very interesting to see how it worked, and I am sure I only saw some of the very minor aspects of it.

Starting to see comments about how “the people who are going to die by the virus are just the unproductive and expensive ones to care for anyway” and similar comments.  

One of the lunatics boot lickers was even saying “grandparents ought to be willing to die so their grandchildren can continue their standard of living” , etc.  

I really expect them to start saying people over a certain age, the disabled (anyone but them)  should be killed or let them die from the virus as “unproductive and expensive to maintain”.  

Of course, that isn’t true anyway, unfortunately it is hitting younger people also.  

In a crisis both the true leaders and the true nuts some out.  

Experienced our first “home delivery” of food last night from Whole Foods.  Not bad overall. For some ungodly they substituted a  BOTTLE of water for a CASE of water. Not sure how that came about, but overall ok. 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

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