2020 Spring March 26 Thursday

69 degrees this morning, 67% humidity Wind 16 mph

Yesterday was a wonderful “Spring” day high of 86 degrees, some wind, but not too bad.  Supposed to be in the 90’s today.  

Weights this morning, sit-ups, bar-bells, and bench press.  

Walked 23:17 minutes, pace was 1:14  minutes higher the goal.The wind probably affected me a little bit, but I enjoyed it. 

Listening to a short Audible book on my walks.  It was an Audible “original:” “Pont Neuf” by Max Bryd, about WW II one of two free ones I get each month. 

It has been a lot more interesting than I expected. It is about a WWII war correspondent, with other characters. It has Hemingway in it, Walter Cronkite, Hemingway , etc.  Actually one of the main characters is Hemingway’s  wife. 


It is an excellent book, realistic battle scenes as well as well-told stories. 

Two stories I heard on the book will stick with me. 

One was (remember WW II  was total war), a sentry saw 4 soldiers in a jeep.  However Americans NEVER have 4 soldiers (always no more than 3), so he shot and kill them and they found they were German solders who had stolen American uniforms and a jeep and were trying tin infiltrate the base.

The next story was a American Solder who came to buy cigarettes and tried to pay with American money.  He was instantly killed, They knew he wasn’t an American Solider since American Soldiers didn’t use American  money, they used military scrip they were paid with.

I think what struck me was that with all of their planning, what undid the plan in both cases was one little mistake where they “assumed” something and it (thank goodness, although this is fiction) caused their plan to fail.  

I know the Military took security seriously in WWII because I had an Uncle that almost shot a fellow solider who forgot the password, except he recognized his voice.  (This was something I heard from my Mom.)

Back to the current virus controls, if this is the “new normal” I don’t want it to be “normal”.

I realize this is a temporary situation, but I wonder what the “new normal” will be like after the current situation is over.  I have to feel it will be “when” not “if”.  

I do know if I I never  see the lying coward lunatic again, squealing his lies and begging to be butt licked, it will be too soon.  I literally feel sick when I see this criminal conducting his free “political rallies” disguised as press conferences  and the gross lies and criminal behavior.

I read a story that he doesn’t care if millions die, he just wants the governors and mayors to kiss his ass and tell them how great he is before he will send medical supplies.

This is one sick lunatic, who is destroying American and the world with his despicable lies and criminal behavior.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 26, 2i020.  202

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