2020 Spring March 27 Friday

71 degrees this morning, 71% humidity, wind 12 mph

Spring 2020!  Somehow it doesn’t seem as good as I expected during the Winter due to the virus, although at least it is here.  

Wonderful day yesterday, high of 97 degrees, no wind, sunny!  Couldn’t have been better.  Today’s forecast is around 85 degrees, although it cools off this weekend and may rain.

Turned on the air conditioner yesterday.   I don’t know if that is the earliest we have turned it on, but it is definitely early.  

Weights yesterday (sit ups, barbells and bench press)

 Walk 23:21 minutes  pace was only 24 seconds  over my goal.  Feels good to walk outside in warm weather.  

Second walk of 15:09 minutes, just kind of a cool down walk.

Wonderful to have weather like this again, I put on my shorts and t-shirts and scandals and thoroughly enjoyed the day, except I was working in my office so my outside time was limited.   

Now, I am always working in my office, which means in the good weather I wish I was out, in the bad weather I’m glad I’m in!

We actually met an older lady on our short walk today, who volunteered my nickname for the lying coward lunatic (she volunteered he was a “lunatic,” we agreed)!

She said she just wanted to live long enough to vote  him out of office!  A lot of people feel that way, although I’m sure the Russians, and his cowering cowards will try to steal the election again.

I am really disgusted at how the lying coward lunatic has been allowed to turn the virus crisis into a series of political campaign rallies where he squeals his corrupt lies.  I don’t understand why the news media wastes time carrying it.  I’m sure the so called “fox news” will always carry his political rallies and giving him an outlet for his squealing his lies and juvenile vicious personal attacks. 

The kow towing by Pence and the others is actually sickening to watch. They must not have any pride at all.   I have to wonder how they can demean themselves and lie like that and still live with themselves.  

I was surprised to learn that an estimated 5% of United States population  doesn’t have water, either because they can’t pay for the water service or they can’t afford to fix leaks at the house they live in.  

Five percent is a lot more than I thought it would be.  Maybe the $1200 per person they get can be used to get water service.  Not having running water in today’s environment is especially scary.  

I also have to wonder about sanitation, since if they don’ have water they don’t have any sanitation facilities either, or at least decent ones.  

That’s it for now, Friday, March 27, 2020.

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