2020 Spring March 28 Saturday

70 degrees this morning,  87% humidity Wind 17 mph

Sit ups, barbells, bench press

Wonderful day yesterday (mid 80’s) until it rained and a really short hail storm early afternoon.  I was a very strange storm.  

Still it stayed from most of the day.  

Walk yesterday:  23:22 minutes, Pace was 1:09 above my goal.  Sometimes the goal seems far away!

Second walk was 13:47 minutes, I call it my “cool down” walk!

Shocked to get a tax paid campaign post card for the lying criminal lunatic.  Do these criminals have no shames at all?  Who allows this taxpayer ripoff?  That is nothing but campaign literature paid by the taxpayer.

Went to our usual Starbucks today and it was “temporarily closed”.  I assume it had a virus and decided to disinfect the building, although I don’t know.  Of course, it is only open for drive thru anyway, but they really had strong standards (using gloves , etc.).  

Fortunately, we have about five Starbucks within a ten minute drive, so we figure the drive thru will be open on some of them.  (This doesn’t include the one at Target , etc.)

I must be making a lot of phone calls for my job.  The other day someone told my number came up as a “spam” call!  

Now I wonder about the calls we get that are labeled “spam”.

Somehow the series “Blacklist” suddenly stopped on Netflix/Prime.  I still don’t know why it quit in the middle of the season. The middle of the 6th Season showed up on regular tv but I wanted to see the first 10 episodes  first.

For may lunch hour and coffee shop breaks, since I lost Blacklist, I I watched a rather dreadful movie, and started to watch “Longmire” which I really like.   I don’t really watch anything during my lunch hour like I used to when I was in the field, so I have started watching at various times.  

Of course, we also can’t sit in Starbucks any more either.  I saw “Longmire” described as a “western” which surprised me.  It is hardy a “Western,” whatever that is.

We are quickly learning the in’s and out’s of on-line ordering and delivery. So far it has meant a lot of substitutes, but they are usually pretty good about it.  Except the bottle of water I got instead of a case of water!

We drive the cars very rarely now, it is really strange.  We go to pick up medicine and very occasionally go to eat at place where they bring the food out.  

Life certainly has changed in the past two weeks.  No restaurants, no fitness center, no field days , etc.

Glad the weekend is here. In fact April 1 is almost here, in one of the strangest years I expect to ever see, kind of like living in a disaster novel or movie.  I keep thinking I might wake up and realize it is a nightmare.

But I won’t.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 28, 2020.

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