2020 Spring March 29 Sunday

44 degrees this morning 75% humidity 

Windy (22 mph) day yesterday, 60’s degrees, making for a miserable day. 

Didn’t take a walk due to the wind.

Weights morning (sit-ups, barbells, bench press).

Sign of the times, went to go to Starbucks yesterday.  While as I mentioned yesterday we have five Starbucks within a 10 minute drive, the five I was thinking of were closed, there is one I forgot that is about 10 minutes away (making six) and it was the only one open (drive thru only).

A very long drive thru line, but it went fast as they say!

Hard to believe two weeks ago, we went to our fitness club on Saturday, ate breakfast out, and Sunday morning ate breakfast out.  

Everything changed fast, and now it is kind of a “temporary normal”although we don’t know when or if it will be over.  No matter what, I am sure the “old normal” is no more, or at least a long in the future.  

Not that I think the stores, restaurants , etc., won’t reopen sometime in the near future (with “near” an undecided value, so to speak).   Our general cultural actions and beliefs will take a drastic change.

Even now, as I watch something on tv , etc., and see them shaking hands, hugging , etc., I kind of fidget a little, thinking,  “watch it”!  

Our daily lives have certainly changed in both small and big ways.  

I don’t know if we will order food on-line for delivery (or pickup) when it is safe to shop in stores or not.  I know I won’t miss  getting “take out’ at restaurants or miss “picking up” food at  restaurants.

I think the number of unemployed will be astounding and it probably will take longer than expected to get everyone employed again.  It could be a major change in the type of employment , etc. 

Of course the first thing the pathetic lying coward lunatic does is try to make it so he can rip off billions of dollars with the “Virus Aid” package and dare the cowering cowards to stop him.  I’m sure he will shovel billions to his donors, lobbyists and big businesses, and his family business the same as the “tax cut” benefited. 

I can’t believe there has’t been more push back on how he is playing favorites on sending medical devices and demanding they kow tow to this insecure pathetic crook. 

The weekend is half over.  I  have come to enjoy the weekends, especially since I have been working in the office five days per week. Not that I mind it (it really doesn’t matter), it is just that it is five days straight of the same thing. 

It seems we spend as much time verifying we are working as we do working!  While I work remotely all the time, I think they are insecure about the “new” teleworkers, although we have always spent more time verifying we are working than anyone would ever waste. Nature of the organization I guess.

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 29, 2020


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