2020 Spring March 31 Tuesday

50 degrees this morning,  96% humidity, Wind 10 mph

Miserable day yesterday,  rain started early afternoon and got colder and continued rain.  The sun never really came out.  Towards evening, it seemed to really be cold with the rain 

Fortunately, started walking right before the rain started.  I actually walked a different route today so I could head back if it started raining!   

Walk yesterday, 26:01 minutes, pace was 59 seconds slower than  my goal.  In general, my pace is getting better.  

While I like my regular walking route, it was interesting to walk a new route.

Another “zoom” meeting with Toastmasters today. It will give us all experience on tele-meetings, but it won’t replace toastmasters meetings as such.  

It seems that most of the routine Doctor appointments will be tele medicine for the duration of the virus.  I have a feeling it will be the a permanent arrangement, at least for “minor” and routine visits. 

I expect we will see  lot of changes in our routines.  I’m not sure if a lot of businesses, including restaurants and other retail are going to make it.

The incompetence and juvenile antics of the lying coward lunatic is a fiasco.  The lunatic has probably cost the lives of thousands of Americans.  

I don’t understand how the criminal  lying coward lunatic  can secretly send millions of dollars of medical protective equipment secretly to China while lying about the potential virus  impact to the US.

Is this criminal allowed to just steal anything he wants, including stealing, lying cheating, shoveling money to his donors, lobbyists and big business without any consequences?  

Worse is his insecure lying personal attacks on anyone.  This lunatic is absolutely nuts and the cowering cowards let him get away with it.  

It is hard to believe he has turned a crisis into a series of  “free”  political rallies  and is more concerned about his tv ratings than the number of people his incompetence has killed or hospitalized. “100,000” people dead should never be “acceptable”.  

We are continuing our “shelter in place” routine.  We talked with someone tonight who had not been outside for 12 days!  We go out and walk and to pick up medicine,  groceries and takeout meals  occasionally but that is about it.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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