2020 Spring April 2 Thursday

61 degrees this morning,62% humidity, wind 19 mph

Yesterday was windy and rather cool, not a great day.  

Weights yesterday morning, sit-ups, bar-bells, and bench press.  

Walked 23:43  minutes, pace was 30 seconds higher than my goal.The wind probably affected me a little bit, (19 mph), but it still was a nice walk.

I credit the faster pace to the fact, my iPhone’s battery was low that I used to listen to my audiobooks.

Instead I listened to my 14 year old iPod (original batteries, as evidenced by the extended warranty expiring in 2007)!  It had music on it, much of my favorite music that I expect increased my pace.  

Much of the music I hadn’t listened to for a long while, so it was like meeting an old friend while I walked!

I am still amazed when I listen to the Beatles and other songs that go back 55 years (65 or 70 in the case of some of the music) and it seems just as fresh now as it did 55 years ago.  

Nothing against today’s music, (well most of it), it is just that the older music also speaks to you.  

I have to think if I am reacting to the music the same.  Listening to “When’ I”m 64” has to be different when you’re 18 and when you’re past 64, but I still feel like it speaks to me.  May in the same way.  Maybe age really has nothing to do with it.

I think I viewed the Beatles song “She’s leaving home” as a parent, not as an 18 year old as I probably did 55 years ago. 

When my pace increases with the music, I am reminded of the personnel who told a judge that he got a  speeding ticket because “rock music increases my speed 10 mph” (or words to that affect).  I was there, (not the one with the ticket), and the Judge dismissed the charge with a warning!

Every time I put the old iPod into service, I think the battery will not last, but it went on my walk and I didn’t even see where the battery had gone down.  There are a lot of aspects of the original iPod that still seem innovative.

Today marks 5 years 9 months since we moved to this area and 5 years and 7 months since I started my current job.  Somehow, as I have mentioned before, it seems so long, but so short.  

I think the difference in our life (the past and present were both good) was so different that it accented the change. Certainly the different in my jobs was almost 100% different, but I enjoyed/enjoy both of them and we enjoyed and are enjoying both aspects of our lives.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 2, 2020. 


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