2020 Spring April 5 Sunday

42 degrees this morning  84% humidity 

Cold yesterday, got to high of 44 degrees, colder most of day.  Fortunately there was  little wind so it was bearable.  

Weights this  morning (sit-ups, barbells, bench press).

Decided to go out and “pick up” breakfast  yesterday morning.  First place we went to we had to go inside, so we decided not to pick up there.  (To be served at the curb you had to go order on-line, which we had the week before, but I couldn’t get through).

Next we tried at IHOP, and was surprised they were 50% off (for phone orders at least) While we only got one “normal” order we actually got enough food that we were able to eat both meals today from it.  

Better yet, the person delivering the meals had both a face mask and a pair of gloves on!

We live in strange times to say the least!

For the record, I had the “Colorado omelette”, which I knew was a lot of food, but I didn’t realia it was that much.  We haven’t eaten too much at IHOP since it is so busy on Saturday and Sunday.  

Decided to do my daily walk even with the cold, since the wind wasn’t bad. 

Walked 22:28 minutes at a pace that was only 12 seconds slower than my goal!  I think music helps me walk faster than listening to a book or podcast. Listened to music on my iPod, the battery is still holding up, didn’t even see that it went down any.

I decided I was going to start reading or at least reviewing all my books, one by one, to decide on books I can weed from my library , at least have them ready to weed when the time comes.  I figure a little a day will add up.  

Of course I still have a lot of other items that need to be reviewed and discarded in some way.  Nothing like a deadline to get things done and right now there isn’t a deadline!

One book (about exercise), I was able to “weed” immediately.  The next book (Michael Lesy, “Rescue”) I started reading, figuring I have been hauling it around for 30 years, it is time to read it or weed it!  Actually a pretty good book, although I will probable weed it after I read it.

Anyway, it’s a start.

Today marks he start of he 4th week of the sudden change, when the fitness center closed and then all of the restaurants etc. were closed to anything but pickup or take-out and I started working in my home office every day.  

Little did we know that the longer it lasts, the more uncertain now it will end becomes, especially with the incompetent “leadership” and greedy/political  sabotage at the  federal level.  Sickening that the lying coward lunatic is using the crisis to justify destroying the environment and holding political rallies disguised as “press conferences”.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 5, 2020.


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