2020 Spring April 6 Monday

60 degrees this morning  84% humidity wind 16 mph

Yesterday started coolish, but turned out to be a wonderful day, high of around 69 degrees, no wind. Supposed to get to the 80’s and 90’s this week again before turning cooler again.  

Walk: 24:10 minutes,  pace was 59 seconds slower than goal, but at least I am getting closer to meeting my goal.

A “new normal” birthday yesterday, a “contactless” birthday “parade” followed by a “zoom” Happy Birthday song and cake.  I expect it is really difficult for a 4 year old to really understand what is going on.

(She said before the party she thought the virus meant there were on more birthdays!)

May not have been as good as the real thing, but about the best we could expect right now.

I don’t know what it would have been like in the Spanish Flu pandemic without all fo the technology!  Of course, the technology that helps it spread wasn’t there either! 

I read a little about the Spanish Flu, but since they didn’t know about the current technology then, so they wouldn’t miss it.  

We went to Starbucks today, the only one of 6 Starbucks open in this City.  We had a wait that included parking on a street waiting to get into line!  Or  rather, the line to get coffee extended out into a City street.

They actually did a pretty good job of keeping the customers moving, but I don’t know why they only have one Starbucks open, unless they just underestimated demand.  

Overall good weekend, today is the  start of the 4th “work week” entirely in my office at home without any field visits.  We use some “zoom type” of technology, but only for virtual conferences/meetings, not for our daily visits. 

This week is supposed to be a “peak week” but who knows.  We are trying to avoid any grocery shopping etc this week, or other contact. I hope the grocery store workers, health care , etc., are able to get all the protective equipment they desire to avoid infection. 

I am becoming addicted to trying to shop on-line for groceries, either pickup or deliver.  It has become somewhat of a challenging game to find everything we need  and see what I can get delivered to avoid going inside a grocery store! 

The problem is they let you order and then don’t advise you until they deliver or you pick up that they are out.  I’ve learned from experience not to allow substitutions.  Technically they notify you when they substitute, but they tend to automatically assume you approve if you can’t respond.  After I ended up with a bottle of water for a case of water, I decided to avoid substitutions.  

That’s it for now, Monday, April 6, 2020.  

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