2020 Spring April 9 Thursday

58 degrees this morning, 59% humidity, wind 10 mph

Yesterday was wonderful with temperature  high in the 90’s. Almost no wind, so it was a beautiful day.

Of course, as I mentioned before  the forecast is for freezing this weekend. 

Walked 22:23  minutes, pace was 43 seconds slower than my goal.

Listened to the Michael Lewis short article, or perhaps a podcast.  He made several comments that caught my attention:

-One comment was that children today have about a 40% chance of making more money then their parents, down from an 80% chance of children making more money than their parents in the past.  (I don’t recall the exact years, one of the problems with podcasts or listening to an article.)

He attributes this to the trend of the “rich getting richer,” which of course is only accelerating at a high rate as the lying coward lunatic and his cowering cowards and the “Supreme political hacks” (formerly the Supreme Court) allow rights to get trampled by big money. 

He notes that this decreasing opportunity for our children comes as the economy is growing and it should create more opportunities for our children, not less.  

Of course the “tax cuts” several years ago that shoveled trillions to the rich donors, lobbyists and big businesses made it worse,

In addition to raising taxes for he normal taxpayer, it also saddled us with a huge federal debt that the lying coward lunatic is going to try to repay by cutting Social Security, screwing us out of health insurance and cutting benefits for low and moderate  income persons.

The way the criminal lying coward lunatic is “ignoring” any oversight of the multi-trillion  dollar virus package indicates he is continuing on his criminal ways of shoveling the tax $ to his donors, lobbyists and fat cat businesses who make big donations to this clown in return. 

Also, Michael Lewis mentions that after the lying coward lunatic stole the presidency and appointed his cowering cowards and incompetents (and mostly business people with a gross conflict of interest whose primarily purpose was using their jobs to enrich themselves), the amount of data by the government suddenly disappeared and went to  a small group of private companies who made huge profits on public paid information. 

This included weather data used f)or public forecasting (and benefit “private weather forecasters), crime date suddenly disappeared , etc.

Much of the date related to climate change (of course) and reduced the information on climate change and the  chances of forecasting a pandemic.  (This was written well before the current crisis.) 

It is absolutely sickening to think of the damage this criminal clown has done to the United States and world. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 9, 2020.


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