2020 Spring April 11 Saturday

59 degrees this morning, 55% humidity Wind 108mph 

Weights, sit-ups, barbells, bench press yesterday morning.  

Turned into a reasonably good day, even a good day yesterday.  Started off cold, but got much better.

Forecast is for rain and high winds today.

Walk;  24:02 minutes.  Pace was 51 seconds slower  than my goal.  Never any rhyme or reason to the pace, except it is getting better.

I have noticed a lot more people exercising in our neighborhood  All ages, etc, many walkers, some runners, some bicyclists , etc.  Evan saw a family today with the mother running and her sun on a scooter. A group of people exercise in the parking lot of the neighborhood center over lunch hour, carefully keeping six feet apart.

Finished the Micheal Lewis article/podcast while walking yesterday. Always interesting to start a new book, I know I will have to live with it for several months, depending no how long the book is.

Normally I listen to non-fiction on my walks, and we listen to fiction in the car.  

In the strange new “normal,” we are almost never in the car, although we probably spend more time waiting in the car  for food , etc., listening to the book.  In the strange new “normal,” we haven’t been in the car since Sunday.  

Last Sunday, we actually waited in a long line for the only Starbucks  open of the six within five miles of us that had a drive thru only.  The wait wasn’t bad considering the line.  

Every day I talk on he phone with businesses who are severely affected by the shutdown, to the point many don’t know if they will ever re-open.

I read about farmers , etc., having to throw away tons of crops or let them just rot in the field, since the school and restaurant markets aren’t there.  It seems like someone could somehow harvest that for food, especially when I see 10,000 families wait for food banks , etc.   

Not that I have any idea of the answer, it jest seems there ought to be a way to do it.  

We are going to go out and get  two “contactless” grocery pickups today  and probably a meal pickup.  

One of the stores doesn’t have delivery and the other it just seems easier to pick it up. We have decided to avoid going into stores as much as possible.  There is no reason to take any chances.

Saturday morning, feels good to have the weekend in front of me.  A lot different from any kind of weekend I expected at the start of the year!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 11, 2020.


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