2020 Spring April 12 Sunday

58 degrees this morning 92% humidity wind 16 mph

Started off windy, got worse yesterday.  Didn’t walk, too windy and cool, didn’t want to take a chance on coughing plus it doesn’t hurt to take a break.  Rain and thunderstorms late last night.

Supposed to rain and even possibly snow today and tomorrow.

Yesterday was part of the “new normal,” picked up groceries and they were delivered to the car “contactlessly”.  

Ordered breakfast and had it delivered to the curb, where we took it home to eat.  Part of the “new normal” everyday life, at least for a while yet.  

It almost feels like a war, you scamper from one area to the next, although the car feels safe, it is where you stop we worry about the invisible enemy. 

I will always remember this era as the “Longmire” era.  Somehow, I started watching the tv series (on Netflix) on my lunch hour and now (without a field day when I have to take a half-hour lunch), I watch it at various times.  

I have watched a number of series on my lunch hour (and at Starbucks/coffee shop/breaks once or twice a week), but now I have to make time for it.  Of course without traveling, baseball or going to stores, I do have more time for it.  

Over the past 5 years or so, I have watched Downton Abby, The Sopranos, the Wire, Bosch, The Blacklist and now Longmire.  A rather diverse set of series to watch but I have enjoyed all of them.

I have heard Longmire referred to as a “western,” but it is hardly a western.  

One thing I am watching carefully is the fact since I don’t hardly go in public (other than walking and on Zoom or Microsoft Teams), it is easy to let myself go a day or two without shaving or showering.  Even when I go outside I’m not close to anyone. 

Since I walk almost every day, I take a shower every day I shower.  I use an electric shaver some days and regular shaving other days,  For some reason my electric shaver is on the blink (I think the blades are worn out), so it is easy to skip shaving some days.

When you don’t go out, and are in the car when you do go out, it is easy to let yourself go.  I try to dress up a little, even when we are staying in the car.   By “dress up” I mean put on a clean t-shirt!

Our laundry bill is going way down (like zero).

For some reason my desktop computer is having problems opening the photo file.  Not sure what it is.  The Apple mouse apparently died, which is disappointing since it is less than 3 years old.

Actually, one of the best keyboards and mice I have found is “Amazon Basics” keyboard and mouse.  They are wired, but I an only use a wired keyboard and mouse on the my work computer due to security reasons and I have started using them on my one iMac and also am using the wired mouse now on my new iMac.  

I’m going to check to see if the mouse is covered by the warranty, but I expect I know the answer to that.

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 12, 2020


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