2020 Spring April 13 Monday

34 degrees this morning  63% humidity wind 18 mph, “feels like” 23 degrees

Yesterday started coolish, but then warmed up to 72 around noon, when I took my walk, it was 53 a few hours later and 39 with wind at an average of 23 mph around 8 p.m. last night.  

It is supposed to get down to 31 degrees in a few hours.  However, on rain or snow is forecast. 

Walk: 22:26 minutes, pace was 30 seconds slower than my goal.

“Cool-down” walk of 7:23 minutes, we had to cut it short since the storm was coming in.

I called Apple about the bad mouse (or perhaps I should say the mouse that developed a technical problem) and they are replacing it under warranty,  Of course, right after the phone call, the mouse started working again!  Such is life.

My 3 year warranty on the iMac , etc., expires in June of this year.  I thought at first it may be the battery, but it was fully charged.

Listened to music on another Apple device on my walk yesterday  that I have had for a number of years (probably about 2010, maybe a little older.  It still works fine, has a good strong battery.

The battery on my iPhone 3 and iPhone 3+ will works fine, I just haven’t decided how to repurpose them.  

Monday, the start of the work week.  While there are a lot of benefits of working in the office 5 days per week, I miss the field days also!  

I have started working different types of assignments each day to provide some variety.    

One of my concerns is they may try to send us back into the field too soon,  Not  the immediate Supervisors , etc.,   but the Governor etc. who seem to  feel they have to kow tow to the federal government, which is now so incompetent and corrupt and only thinking of how every decision may affect the election of the lying coward lunatic that they seem to have lost all sense of decency and ethics.  

The federal administration  have no concept of leadership, just trying to kow tow to the lying coward lunatic as he desperately tries to get election through any possible means, no matter how many people get sick or die due to their negligence.

Just listened to some cowering coward apologist (on 60 Minutes) who told the lying coward lunatic in January exactly what would happen and, even while admitting the lying coward lunatic  had read his memo, he was cowering and trying to boot lick him by saying he had done “better than any other President would have done”.  I’m surprised he wasn’t struck by lightning or at least jeered out of the interview.  

Today marks the beginning of the fifth week I have been working at home.  I don’t think we have been in a store for a month.

That’s it for now, Monday, April 13, 2020. 2020 

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