2020 Spring April 14 Tuesday

36  degrees this morning,  90% humidity

Yesterday, weather was cold all day, high of 46 degrees with mild wind, but it was cold all day.  The good thing is it didn’t snow.

Walk, 21:56  minutes, pace was 19 seconds slower than my goal.  Wind was around 18 miles per hour but it really didn’t bother me.

Listened to my “iPod mini” again today.  It is really nice.  I listened to one of my favorite violin/fiddle albums.  

Getting close to meeting my goal on my pace on my walk.  One of these days I will meet/exceed my goal.   It probably will come when I don’t even feel like I am walking that fast. That is the way it seems like goals are achieved or exceeded.

Of course, the hardest part of meeting or exceeding your goal is to keep meeting or exceeding it. 

I have noticed I walk faster when I am listening to any type of music, but my goal isn’t really just to walk fast, it is also to learn while I walk, so I will primarily listen to books or podcasts .

I have read some articles about the virus being around in December in the United States.  I really wonder if I didn’t have it after Christmas, when I was literally coughing all the time, but I didn’t have a lot of the other aspects of it.

While I don’t watch the lying coward lunatic in his squealing his lies and vicious petty false  attacks at his tax supported political rallies disguised as press conferences, I do catch see some of the excesses on regular news.  

I don’t listen because I can’t stand the sound of his braying squealing lies, vicious petty attacks and his sickening bragging on himself.  Almost worse is pence and the other cowering cowards fawning on the lying coward lunatic and the boot licking that starts every comment 

Last night I have to feel he finally exceeded even what the cowering cowards could take, but you never know. 

The coward actually “retweets” a tweet, so much a coward he can’t even write his own lying tweet while he is gorging on junk food and watching junk news. 

The clown is sick, a real lunatic who feels he is a dictator or king.  Actually using our taxes to even prepare a (false) tribute to himself so he won’t get his feelings hurt. 

The lunatic is making  desperate attempts to attempt to take credit for “reopening the country,”  after the cowering out of taking any action to control the virus because he is a gutless coward.  

Anyway, I don’t like to waste time and space on the lying coward lunatic, but I see his attempts to “reopen” the country as another attack on the ordinary citizen so his donors, lobbyists and rich buddies can buy another airplane or house, or install another gold plated commode.  Doesn’t matter how many people they sicken or kill, just “get the economy going” so the lunatic can brag as the election gets closer. 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

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