2020 Spring April 15 Wednesday

38 degrees this morning, 70% humidity 

Cold day yesterday, fortunately the wind was low.  

Walk, 22:51 minutes,  pace was 51 seconds slower than goal.

Weather was cold today, I am definitely ready for true Spring.

Of course, nothing seems like Spring without all of the normal Spring events.  Somehow it had developed into a strange sort of normalcy.  

I was enraged today to read that the recent “stimulus” bill includes a tax break for mainly millionaires and billionaires that will cost taxpayers $90 BILLION this year alone in tax losses due to some huge tax breaks the Senate Republicans snuck into the stimulus bill for their billionaire donors, lobbyists and themselves.  

Evil crooks.  

$90 Billion dollars to millionaires and billionaires, and the lying coward lunatic and his cowering cowards continue to shovel tax $ to their donors, lobbyists and rich buddies as they continue to cut food stamps, medicare, social security and any other program that benefits the average citizen.  

This is after the 2 trillion tax $ they shoveled to them several years ago in the “tax cut” that only benefitted the wealthy while they increased taxes for the average citizen.  

The  evil lying  coward lunatic is certainly showing why the 25th amendment should be used to kick this lunatic criminal out of office and throw him and his cowering cowards  in jail.

After he failed to take responsibility for anything because he is a coward, he suddenly declares himself the king and dictator and will stuff the virus down our throat so his buddies can get rich with an early “reentry” that  will kill thousands of people so the lunatic can brag about the economy for the election.  

Hopefully the cowering cowards in the Senate will finally get a backbone or some courage and stop this runaway clown. 

Now he is even putting his “name” on the stimulus checks as a tax paid political campaign!  Like he hasn’t already stolen enough tax $.

Again I hate to waste time and space on the evil lunatic, but he has really gong too far along with the cowering cowards shoveling tax $ to their donors and destroying the future of this country.

April 15, 2020.  It seems impossible that the year has gone so fast, especially with the “new normal”.  I expect that “normal” will change every day for a long time.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

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