2020 Spring April 17 Friday

41 degrees this morning, 85% humidity,  20 wind mph

Yesterday temperature wise was nice, but 24 mph winds (gusts to 40 mph)  during the day were just strong enough to make the temperature index (or whatever) miserable.  Anyway, I stepped out and decided it wasn’t worth walking today.  A high of 72 degrees, but a very cool 72 degrees with the wind. 

I have been doing fine regarding coughing, but did note I had some (very small) reaction the past few times I walked in the cold wind.  It is hard to determine because the time I coughed was in the morning, not after a walk.  It really wasn’t enough coughing to get worried about, but there is no reason tempting it either.  

I hope I can start riding the bike again soon.  I will aim for next year for the “bike across the state” trip. I really miss biking, but don’t miss the coughing.  I hope covering my mouth , etc., will help.  Something to look forward too.

Of course, right now, I’m focusing on walking and weights.  Eventually we will start going to the Fittness center again and I’ll actually be able to start swimming.  

The meetings with “Microsoft Teams” went well.   Frankly it is much more impressive than “Zoom,” although I don’t know that much about it, except basic use, ditto with Zoom.  

As I mentioned this morning, I don’t think the video meeting will ever supplant the actual meeting, although I expect it will be a part of our life for more minor meetings, it would save a lot of mileage.

A lot of talking about “restarting back to normal”.  I expect it will never be “normal” again as it was before, but it will be a new normal. 

I don’t really see much “return to normal” until they have widespread testing and eventually either a vaccine of a good treatment. 

We have basically decided, at least for now, to stay in our house and deal with the maintenance problems that are a part of it.  While we may change our mind, I don’t think we will ever really feel comfortable living in close quarters with other persons (such as a Senior Housing complex).  

While we were thinking of a separate unit, it still was in an area with a lot of units.  As I have noted before any time they talk about “Senior Housing’, they are thinking of sardines in a can, or just a warehousing type of thing.  In other words they are thinking of lots of $ and not the comfort or safety of Senior Citizens.  

We may change our mind, but not for the foreseeable future.  We really like the idea of no maintenance but….

It is strange how we have gotten used to the “new normal”.  I think since we know eating out, sports, and get-togethers , etc., are simply not possible so it isn’t something we even think about .

As long as the virus is out there with no testing, vaccine or treatment, it is hard to imagine any kind of “back to normal”.

That’s it for now, Friday, April 17, 2020.  

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